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Hey thee, I'm new!


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Hi everyone, I'm really excited to join this board. I really want to become part of the Mika fans, because I just see so much in him and like you all, I'm completely intrigued by his amazingness.


A little bit about me- My name is Kate, I'm from Connecticut (which doesn't mean what you probably think it does, stereotype-wise) and I'm a high school student. I attend a (state run, regional) performing arts high school. There, I'm a ballet major. I like to play piano, paint, draw, and I'm a total workaholic. I love music and hope to be a journalist for MTV or Rolling Stone one day.


Oh, and I run a (pretty popular) Justin Timberlake fansite.


I'm excited to be chatting with you all!!!

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Well Kate, I'm Glad You Decided To Join MFC. And I Agree, MIKA Has So Much Potential, In - Fact, I Want To Be Just Like Him. Anyways, Once Again Welcome. If You Need Any Help With The Site, Then Please, Don't Hesitate To Ask Me.



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