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Mika's concerts


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With Mika's massive tour coming up, how would you suggest the gigs could be improved?

Anything that should definitely stay and maybe be made more of?


Mika's concerts are amazing, I can't wait till he has more songs to sing though : it's always a bit short...


Any other ideas?

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yeah the longer the better :)


the LA show i must admit...was perfect :) like a big party :)


wouldnt mind if mika stayed longer after the show... but i had so much fun :)


loved the huge baloons...and the regular baloons maybe put more cause there were non left when i wanted to get one...


AND! the merch people left to quickly... i wanted to get a t-shirt... and i was to late..they were allready gone... i think mika stayed longer then them...lol

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yeah it's too short..

there's one thing i noticed: during the gig in Milano i expected the Lollipop girl and Big Girls to come onto the stage and dancing with him as i saw on sme videos on youtube from other gigs, but there weren't any of those...:blink:


A special meet-up time for the fans in his fan-club to meet him for photos etc :wink2::thumb_yello:

that would be GREAT!!

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