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Oh, that is lovely! And I'm glad to see that he's finally gotten relaxed enough (or maybe better at acting) to improvise in interviews and bring up new anecdotes rather than repeating his previous well-rehearsed statements.


Also, he should stop it with the wearing of Marc Bolan-like clothes. That is not helping my obsession!



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He was a chubby little boy? That is VERY hard to believe! He's like a friggin' twig now. What the hell happened? haha


Whatever his secret it...I need to know! That brings me hope haha. I'm a little fatty haha

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not sure if this is new-ish or not, but here ya go




here's two more, these's are probably old, but they were new to me,and i'm sure to some other people as well:



i like it :shocked::shocked:

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