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mikas favorite color??


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Not in this case. It's a color you've never seen before, so you can't see it. :blink: I'm getting confused.


Hahahaha. Yeah trying to figure out the color you've never seen before is hard.


Oh I Know! Let's send Mika a letter saying that he will soon be receiving an invisible card and that he must brace himself for it.


He'll get an envelope and it'll be empty.



His reaction: :blink: Damn, they're mad.


:lmfao: Pretty much. Or "that's insane!" Then there will be a Myspace blog thanking us for giving him the card and showing him the color that he's never seen before! :cheerful_h4h:


Watch his favorite color be like, black or gray.


I was thinking earlier that maybe it's brown. One of my professors favorite colors is gray so I guess anything is possible! :blink:



Uggggh I had to delete just about everyone's smilies that way I could use some and post this. How annoying haha!

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