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I'm no one hit wonder


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by Thomas Atkinson. Monday, May 14 2007





While it has given us such delights as 4 Non Blondes, Mr Oizo and Joe Dolce, the term “one-hit wonder†must be one that wakes every pop star in a cold sweat from time to time.


It says a lot for the sheer self-confidence of Mika then that he is as happy to mention the term in reference to himself and his debut single Grace Kelly as he is to discuss his favourite actresses (for your information, he’s less than impressed by Sienna Miller).


“I wasn’t really afraid of that label because I worked really hard to make sure that we had an album full of good songs and not just one or two strong ones,†he says.


The boast has been backed by the success of his second single, Love Today, a more dance-orientated but no less falsetto-laden follow up to his first, which now sits atop the UK’s radio airplay chart.


“It’s been getting a fair amount of radio play,†he says modestly. “So, hopefully this one will prove I’m not a one-hit wonder. I don’t think it can have the same kind of impact as Grace Kelly because that was the first time people had heard me and now they will know what to expect a little more.â€


Mika’s vocal style is so unique among the current crop of male singer/song-writers that it can be called the musical equivalent of Marmite – you either love it or you hate it. Again, the singer is confident enough to recognise this – and even add his own pet pop hate.


“I can’t remember the name of it , Calvin Harris?†He is of course referring to Acceptable In The 80s. “I’m a bit tired of that one, although I suppose only in the same way that people might be sick of my first one.â€


It’s this kind of honesty that makes Mika such a refreshing presence in the pop charts but so far he has been reluctant to talk about one thing – his sexuality. “I don’t think people will ever stop asking but it’s my life and I’ll live it the way that I want to. I don’t see why I should have to discuss everything. It doesn’t bother me but it confuses me because I wonder why they should care.â€


While whether he is or he isn’t has drawn plenty of column inches, it’s other headlines that have made Mika chuckle, such as “Mika uses Freddie’s pianoâ€, suggesting he insisted on Freddie Mercury’s piano for recording.


“That one’s partly true but I did not have it flown in like they said,†he says. “It wasn’t even actually his, just a session piano that he had used a couple of times.â€


The headlines may sometimes be wide of the mark but one thing is for sure, with all this attention there’s little danger that Mika is going to be a one-hit wonder.





mentioned in anther thread, but thought I'd post the full article as the pic is fab :)

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