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Soundtrack To Your Life

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If your Life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? I just found this on another forum and thought it would be a little fun. :)


Here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that's playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

6. Be honest with the answers that you get, even if they don't make perfect sense!


Opening Credits: One Song Glory - Rent soundtrack


Waking Up: Over My Shoulder - Mika (not bad...kind of a lazing about sort of song, I guess. :) )


First Day At School: Dragon Attack - Queen. How appropriate! LOL


Falling In Love: This Boy - Franz Ferdinand - Ummmm....*ahem*..


Losing Virginity: Grace Kelly - Mika....LOL!!! I haven't lost my virginity and I somehow hope that it will NOT be to this song....


Fight Song: Tie Your Mother Down - Queen. Not bad...

Break up: Do I Disappoint You? - Rufus Wainwright.


Prom: Shame For You - Lily Allen


Life: Heaven For Everyone - Queen. Pretty appropriate. :)


Mental Breakdown: Running - No Doubt.


Driving: What a Wonderful World - Chris Daughtry version.


Flashback: Millbrook - Rufus Wainwright


Getting Back Together: Over My Head - The Fray



Wedding: Those Bright Lights - Sherwood



Birth of Child: BND - No Doubt



Final Battle: In the Cold Cold Night - the White Stripes



Death Scene: Action This Day - Queen (that's some happy music for such a sad event...LOL)



Credits: Hella Good - No Doubt :thumb_yello:



Sequel Teaser: Love Today - Mika. :biggrin2:


Okay, your all's turn! Have fun!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Opening Credits: You're Beautiful -James Blunt



Waking Up: Heels Over Head - Boys Like Girls



First Day At School: Do you believe in magic -Aly & Aj



Falling In Love: Sexy Love -Neyo



Losing Virginity: GRACE KELLY! omg i got the same thing!! LOL proud virgin :cool:



Fight Song: Get Up -Ciara



Break up: Everything Im not -The Veronicas (OMG!)



Prom: 4 In The Morning -Gwen Stefani



Life: Jammin -Bob Marley



Mental Breakdown: Wake Up -Fergie



Driving: Ordinary World -Katharine McPhee



Flashback: Wonderful Life -Gwen Stefani



Getting Back Together: Play With Fire -Hilary Duff



Wedding: The Curse of Curves -Cute is what we aim for



Birth of Child: Yummy -Gwen Stefani ( i keep getting all the gwen songs!! lol)



Final Battle: Thnks fr th mmrs -Fall out boy



Death Scene: Umbrella -Rihanna



Credits: My Interpretation -Mika



Sequel Teaser: Alfie -Lilly Allen

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opening credits: Queen-Sweet Lady <33 lol


Waking up: The Beatles- From me to you


First Day at school: Belief-John Mayer


Falling in Love: Coldplay- Everythings Not Lost


Losing Virginity:Queen- Youre my Best Friend


Fight Song: Track 1-Rammstein (idk the name of the song, its just track 1)


Break Up: John Mayer-Waiting on the world to change


Prom: Incubus-Earth to Bella


Life: Arctic Monkeys- Mardy Bum


Mental Breakdown: Relax take it easy!!!!!


Driving: Switchfoot- Amateur Lovers


Flashback: Coheed and Cambria- Wake Up


Getting Back together: The Fray- Over my head(cable car)


Wedding: Switchfoot- 4:12


Birht of Child: GRACE KELLY!!!!!!!!


Final Battle: Pink Floyd- Time


Death Scene: HAPPY ENDING!!!!!


Credits: Buddy Holly- That'll Be the Day


Sequel Teaser: Mika- Loverboy!!!!!!!!



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im doing it again lol


open credits: colossal-Wolfmother


waking up: Let that be enough-switchfoot


1st day school: cemetery drive- MCR


falling in love: HIPS DONT LIE- MIKA :das:


losing virginity: Hurt-Johnny Cash (Okay...)


Fight song: LOVE TODAY!!!! (ironic huh?)


Break Up: Lover I dont have to Love- Bright Eyes


Prom: Tutti Frutti- little Richard!!!!!


Life: Santa marinella- Gogol Bordello


Mental Breakdown: The Blues- Switchfoot (perfect song for a mental breakdown)


Driving: Hips dont Lie-shakira version


Flashback: Headlights on Dark roads-Snow Patrol (perfect)


Getting back together: amsterdam-Coldplay


Wedding: RING RING!!!


Birth of child: Everything i once Had- The honorary title


Final Battle: She took him to lake- Alkaline Trio


Death scene: I write sins not tragedies- panic at the disco


credits: Come Together- The Beatles


sequel teaser: thoughts of a dying Atheist- MUSE


I liked my 1st time better i think..Haha

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Here's mine!!


Opening Credits: Rape Me - Nirvana (OMG, that's horrible:shocked: )


Waking Up: Drown - Three Days Grace (Uhhhh...)


First Day At School: Heaven Knows - Rise Against


Falling In Love: Love Today - Mika (Finally, something happy)


Losing Virginity: More for Me - Tegan and Sara (errr...)


Fight Song: Gone with the Sun - HIM

Break up: Coming Down - The View


Prom: Watched you Fall - Meredith Brooks (good lord!!)


Life: My Interpretation - Mika


Mental Breakdown: Ring Ring - Mika (how appropriate!! LOL)


Driving: The Fold - Idle Sons


Flashback: You Don't Love Me - The Kooks


Getting Back Together: Angry Chair - Alice In Chains



Wedding: Reborn - Stonesour



Birth of Child: Gonna Make You Sweat - C&C Music Factory (hahaha!!!)



Final Battle: So I Thought - Flyleaf (Hmmm..I Like that



Death Scene: You Don't Understand Me - Roxette



Credits: Cavanaugh Park - Something Corporate



Sequel Teaser: Beautiful - Nick Lachey



Okay, so it looks like all I listen to is angry, dark music but I really don't!!! I am not an angry person!! Really!!! I mean I have Nick Lachey.....Roxette....oh dear. I suddenly don't like this one so much. Can I have a do over? Please?:shocked:

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awww what's wrong with your ipod?


blah, it's a stupid piece of poop.


it wont update, and i took it to the iPod store today, it's still under warranty, but they wouldn't replace it they just told me to do this thing on my computer and then that it would work, but it's even more broken then before. they should have just given me a new one i've been through 3.


and the thing is, i took it to the iPod store at first because it wouldn't let me listen to my Mika playlist it would freeze up.



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Okay, so it looks like all I listen to is angry, dark music but I really don't!!! I am not an angry person!! Really!!! I mean I have Nick Lachey.....Roxette....oh dear. I suddenly don't like this one so much. Can I have a do over? Please?:shocked:



of course u can do a do over!!!! u can do it how ever many times u want!!! im going too!!! yay!

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Okay, I'm redoing it...maybe it will be better...please


Opening Credits: Righteous Jams - Righteous Jams


Waking Up: My Hands Your Throat - Meesh (not off to a good start)


First Day At School: Shatter - Meredith Brooks


Falling In Love: Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake (Fun!!)


Losing Virginity: Get up - Ciara (OMG LOL!!!)


Fight Song: Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson

Break up: The Politics of Living and the Shame in Dying - .Moneen


Prom: Hey Joe - The Dirt Clods :blink:


Life: Twitch - Bif Naked


Mental Breakdown: Spaceman - Bif Naked (Oh dear)


Driving: Gatheration - Lady Sovereign


Flashback: Throb -The Grid


Getting Back Together: I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace (Oh for the love of Pete)



Wedding: Red Light Special - TLC :roftl:



Birth of Child: Me Against the Music - Britney Spears (Oh the irony)



Final Battle: Run It - Chris Brown



Death Scene: Rip Out The Wings of a Butterfly - HIM



Credits: Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity - Gustav Holst



Sequel Teaser: Manic Monday - The Bangles


Okay, that's kind of better......:blink:

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Opening Credits: Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own: U2 (okay?)


Waking Up: All I Want Is You: U2 (again?)


First Day At School: You Only Live Once: The Strokes (...um)


Falling In Love: Mysterious Way: U2 (omg...U2 again)


Losing Virginity: Have A Drink On Me: AC/DC (hahahah...perfect)


Fight Song: Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured: Arctic Monkeys (not bad)


Break up: Police and Theives: The Clash (could do better)


Prom: Erase: Mika (the only Mika I will admit to not likeing...you guys are gonna yell at me:bleh: )


Life: Thank You: Led Zepplien (yeah)


Mental Breakdown: Rock And Roll: Led Zepplien (erm...whatever)


Driving: Come On Home: Franz Ferdiand (perfecto!)


Flashback: Brain Damage: Pink FLoyd (lololo)


Getting Back Together: Mardy Bum: Arctic Monkeys (oh...cute song)


Wedding: The Loser In The End: Queen (guess so!)


Birth of Child: Love Profusion: Madonna ("you make me feel, you make me know!")


Final Battle: Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick: Arctic Monkeys (well, if the I Pod insists)


Death Scene: Any Other World: Mika (that would make a good death scene song I guess)


Credits: Into The Heart: U2 (not them again!)


Sequel Teaser: Anonther Brick In The Wall, Part 3 (...so the next movie involves drugs?)









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Opening Credits: Lollipop - Mika. Heh.


Waking up: Allentown - Billy Joel.


First Day at School: Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin. (Is this question even allowed for me? I was homeschooled my whole life... Well, more like mostly self taught. So I never had a first day at school, exactly.)


Falling in Love: Miss You in a Heartbeat - Def Leppard. Aww, how sweet.


Losing Virginity: Tear it Up - Queen. Erh. Well. That promises to be interesting. Still have my virginity as it is.


Fight Song: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen. Yay.


Break Up: Love Bites - Def Leppard. Wow.


Prom: Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) - Def Leppard. That'd be sweet too, if I'd ever had a prom.


Life: These Are the Days of Our Lives - Queen. It's really picking them pretty good. It's kind of scary.


Mental Breakdown: Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton. All I can say, is that is one of three songs fitting that for me. REALLY scary.


Driving: The Other Side - Aerosmith.


Flashback: D'Yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin.


Getting Back Together: 20th Century Boy - T. Rex, version is Def Leppard's.


Wedding: And So it Goes - Billy Joel. I love that song... It's neat that came up.


Birth of Child: Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) - Billy Joel. Appropriate, though maybe I should've shuffled more to see if I could've gotten more random artists.


Final Battle: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns n' Roses.


Death Scene: In My Life - The Beatles. Go figure.


Credits: Hot Blooded - Foreigner.


Sequel Teaser: The Show Must Go On - Queen. I like it.

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All right...here it goes:


Opening Credits: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (reminds of Wayne's World :naughty:)


Waking Up: Fidelity - Regina Spektor


First Day At School: Yellow Submarine - The Beatles (well there was this one kid that sang this song ALL THE TIME at school, lol)


Falling In Love: Alive with the Glory of Love - Say Anything (ugh, I hate this song, lol)


Losing Virginity: Magic Position - Patrick Wolff (haha, no joke!)


Fight Song: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson (hah, too bad it wasn't 'Beat it')

Break up: Walk It Out - DJ Unk (hehe)


Prom: I Want to Break Free - Queen


Life: I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys (:roftl::blush-anim-cl: )


Mental Breakdown: Let It Be - The Beatles


Driving: Get Up - Ciara


Flashback: Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen


Getting Back Together: Geek in the Pink - Jason Mraz


Wedding: Flathead - The Fratellis (uhhh...)


Birth of Child: Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd


Final Battle: Hurts So Good - John Mellencamp (haha)


Death Scene: It's Not Over - Daughtry (Obviously if someone's dying it IS over for them! :roftl: )


Credits: Hot in Herre - Nelly (:roftl:)


Sequel Teaser: Grace Kelly - Mika (FINALLY a Mika song! I thought I was going to go through this whole list without one!)


So there you go. :wink2:

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MY IPOD IS WORKING NOW!!!!:biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:


Opening Credits: Upside Down-jack johnson


Waking Up: Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics(whoa.)


First Day At School: if you can't dance-spice girls *but oh i can dance*


Falling In Love: I'm a believer-the monkees(awww)


Losing Virginity: what i like about you- the romantics


Fight Song: lets go crazy-prince


Break up: everything is alright-motion city soundtrack


Prom:come on ilene- dexy and the midnight runners.


Life: poor unfortunate souls-ursela*the little mermaid* (now that's just awful.)


Mental Breakdown: a decade under the influance-taking back sunday.


Driving: gabba gabba hey -the ramones


Flashback: Get up and Boogie(that's right)-kc and the sunshine band (haha)


Getting Back Together: Faithfully-journey


Wedding: disco tech-younglove (sounds about right)


Birth of Child: love is like oxygen-sweet



Final Battle:i think we're alone now -tommy james & the shondells


Death Scene:All my loving-the beatles


Credits: Good times roll- the cars(heck yes!)


Sequel Teaser: Leader of the pack-shangrillas(haha one of those songs i don't want others to know i have on my ipod.)



so i had to reboot my ipod 20 times to get through that.

and my songs were a bit disapointing.

i'll do it again later.:bleh:


+++i can't believe mika doesn't show up in the soundtrack of my life.

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I'm gonna do another just to see what I get...


Opening Credits: Take What You Take - Lily Allen (not bad!)


Waking up: Harvester Of Hearts - Rufus Wainwright. This works, as this song sounds very drowsy...lol


First Day at School: Get Down, Make Love - Queen....LOL...what theeee...


Falling in Love: Without You - Rent soundtrack


Losing Virginity: Elevator - Hot Hot Heat


Fight Song: Cool remix - Gwen Stefani


Break Up: Invisible Man - Queen....eh...


Prom: Outsiders - Franz Ferdinand - pretty good!


Life: Staring Problem - No Doubt... LOL


Mental Breakdown: Friends Will Be Friends - Queen


Driving: Everybody's Changing - Lily Allen cover


Flashback: We Are the Champions - Queen. Yay!


Getting Back Together: Dreamer's Ball - Queen...lol..my ipod loves them this time around!


Wedding: Must Have DOne Something Right - Relient K. LOVE IT!


Birth of Child: I Can't Win - the Strokes. Really inappropriate since I love children...LOL


Final Battle: Waiting Room - No Doubt


Death Scene: Life After Death & Taxes - wow, really appropriate song...


Credits: A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys


Sequel Teaser: Made In Heaven - Queen

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I'm sorry....I just had to do it again. Last time, I promise!!:naughty:


Opening Credits: Yeah! - Paul Brandt (Where did that come from?)


Waking up: Get Over It - Avril Lavigne


First Day at School: Rooftops - Lost Prophets (uuuhhhh....)


Falling in Love: The Young and the Hopeless - Good Charlotte


Losing Virginity: Gira Con Me - Josh Groban (I don't know what that means)


Fight Song: The Great Houdini - New Found Glory (perfect!!)


Break Up: Sunday Morning - No Doubt


Prom: Ruby Soho - Rancid


Life: Nothing New - Ashlee Simpson (don't like that)


Mental Breakdown: Little Black Backpack - Stroke 9


Driving: Come Undone - Meesh


Flashback: Losin' It - Soul Asylum


Getting Back Together: Super Trooper - A Teens


Wedding: Everything Turned Red - Useless I.D.


Birth of Child: Bricks - Rise Against :blink:


Final Battle: Save Your Scissors - City and Colour (hahaha)


Death Scene: Kiss - Prince (Oh boy)


Credits: Car Underwater - Armour for sleep


Sequel Teaser: Your God - Stone Sour


I give up. The odds are not in my favor......It is fun though!!!

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Opening Credits: Picture Book - The Kinks


Waking Up: Billie Jean - Michael Jackson


First Day At School: Come Together- The Beatles


Falling In Love: Everything Hits At Once - Spoon


Losing Virginity: Turn Smile Shift Repeat - Phantom Planet


Fight Song: Rental Car - Beck :blink:


Break up: Television, Television - OK Go


Prom: Pilgrimage - REM


Life: Everything's Just Wonderful - Lily Allen


Mental Breakdown: Relax (Take It Easy) - Mika :roftl:


Driving: Blistered in the Sun - Violent Femmes


Flashback: Plays Pretty For Baby - Saosin


Getting Back Together: Celebrity Skin - Hole


Wedding: Last Request - Paolo Nutini


Birth of Child: Sugar, Sugar - The Archies


Final Battle: America - Simon & Garfunkel


Death Scene: I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie


Credits: California Girls - The Beach Boys


Sequel Teaser: No Rain - Blind Melon




Ahaha, that was fun! Unfortunately my headphones gave out in the middle of it though..but still fun, still fun :bleh:

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Opening Credits: King for a day - Jamiroquai (omg how perfect!! :D)


Waking Up: The fantasy - 30 seconds to mars (well, I would be awake that's for sure...)


First Day At School: Cool down the pace - mattafix


Falling In Love: Your sweet 666 - HIM (*kuche*:shocked: )


Losing Virginity: Once in a lifetime groove - Groove cats (LOL :D)


Fight Song: El tango de roxeanne - moulin rouge soundtrack

Break up: Red right hand - Nick Cave and the bad seeds (oh my... that must be a nasty break up...........)


Prom: Crying - Aerosmith


Life: 9 crimes - Damien Rice


Mental Breakdown: Mobscene - Marilyn Manson


Driving: Playground love - air


Flashback: Epoca - Gotan Project


Getting Back Together: Just - Radiohead



Wedding: Crazy in love - Beyonce (hihi :))



Birth of Child: Space dementia - MUSE



Final Battle: Tainted love - Marilyn Manson


Death Scene: Big girl - Mika (ohooo....:shocked: )



Credits: Techno beats - the prodigy



Sequel Teaser: Love today - Mika (wow 2 mika songs :D)

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My turn :biggrin2:


Waking Up: Feel Berlin - the 69 eyes


First Day At School: Jolene - Dolly Parton - Weird!!!


Falling In Love: I Just Can't wait to be King - Elton John.. Weird? Am I a lesbian or something?


Losing Virginity: King of Pride Rock - Lion King - Sad sad sad instrumental... ..


Fight Song: Watership Down - Art Garfunkel ... Somethings wrong here :insane:


Break up: Billie Brown - MIKA .. Oh noooo.. I start to see a pattern here!


Prom: Tomb Raider - Instrumental background sounds... Uhu!


Life: Beyond Redemption - HIM



Mental Breakdown: Happy Ending - MIKA :blink:


Driving: The Ballad of Chasey Lain - Bloodhound Gang


Flashback: The Only Lonely One - MIKA


Getting Back Together: Smells like Teenspirit - Nirvana



Wedding: I don't want to be - Gavin degraw .. Need to get rid of that song


Birth of Child: No more Drama - Mary J. Blige - it's actually just started


Final Battle: This Fortress of Tears - HIM



Death Scene: Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.. ..... Not the one I wanted :thumbdown:



Credits: Pirates of the Caribbean - Moonlight Seranade YAY!



Sequel Teaser: Knight Problems - The boys from Angora .. drengene fra Angora :naughty:

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Hey, this is fun:roftl:


Opening Credits: some part of Harry Potter II Soundtrack


Waking Up: Es Por Ti - Juanes


First Day At School: The Only Ones - Reamonn ft Lucie Silvas


Falling In Love: She's My Man - Scissor Sisters


Losing Virginity: Chemical Reaction - Sasha


Fight Song: Angel - Shaggy (as if)


Break up: Crede Ma - O-Zone


Prom: Wonderful World - James Morrison


Life: Take Your Mama - Scissor Sisters


Mental Breakdown: Symphonie - Silbermond (Why do I even have that song? Well, it could cause a mental breakdown:blink: )


Driving: Lollipop - MIKA (That so fits - I always sing it when I drive)


Flashback: Floor Show - Rocky Horror Picture Show :naughty:


Getting Back Together: Damn Girl - Justin Timberlake (Good omen:blink:)


Wedding: Bitch - Meredith Brooks



Birth of Child: Living in the Shadows - Billy Talent



Final Battle: Rooftop - Sasha



Death Scene: Billy Brown - MIKA (mhh...)



Credits: It's Raining Man - Geri Halliwell (good one)



Sequel Teaser: I Just Started Being Bad - Sarah Connor (hehe, great title :naughty: )

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