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Aw thanks for all the welcomes. Mika fans are such nice people :thumb_yello: You guys are really nice. If anyone is on msn messenger u can add me, We can chat, look forward to it, just leave me a lil message though saying that u r from here, so i know. Also if anyone is on hi5, or if not u can join, make sure to join my group. It is the first and only one so far on hi5 dedicated to Mika...oh the group name is MIKA (Michael Penniman). I'm Kavi and i ahve a pic of my last doggie when he was a puppy :biggrin2: oh i'm also on myspace, lol, same e-mail and my name is aussiegirlkavi.

Ok about me i'm currently in my third year obtaining a bachelor's degree in science and i have one more year yay. then i'm going to get my DVM to become a veterinarian. My hope/dream is for Mika to come to perform in Trinidad and to get front row seats and backstage pass and i want to meet him soooo bad also. Take lots of pics. Is that too much to ask for??? LOL. It's so hard to explain how i feel, but i guess everyone here knows the feeling we have for this incredibly gorgeous and talented guy!!! :biggrin2:



Welcome to MFC and don't you worry, your in the right place for MIKA worship :thumb_yello:

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