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yes, even from Belgium!


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so I need to give a little introduction? I'll do my best, but don't blame me for my bad bad English =)


My name is Jolien, I'm 15 (almost 16: 6th of june) and I live in Belgium, where the beer and chocolate comes from.


As you can predict (in Dutch: voorspellen, if anyone knows what it is in English, tell me) I love Mika and his music.

Especially the song Lollipop and Over my shoulder (it's so beautiful that it olmost makes me wanna cry).

I heard Mika comes to Belgium, to the rock-festival RockWerchter, but I can't come because I don't have enough money (it costs €75-80), so I'm hoping to wim free tickets =)

A 15-year-old girl can't have it all, right ;p


ok, that's about it. If you wanna know more, reply or send me a message or something =)





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