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Mika and Fans!!


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Welcome to the MFC, have a lot of fun, I'm sure you will.


But.... requesting private pics of Mika, maybe even with his family or friends is not such a good idea for we respect Mika's privacy.


Mika is really generous concerning pics of him to be taken during his public appearances. You find loads of them here:




or here:



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erm, sorry, but who made the first one of these galleries? the second one is the one by sivan, i said she can use my pics if she puts my name under them, which she did :thumb_yello: ... but the first one has my pix in it, without the name, and without asking me... i think that's not ok. that's actually why i didn't want to put my pix online without a copyright watermark! :annoyed_h4h:

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