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Greetings from Brooklyn, NY, USA


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Hi all, name's Yalita. I'm 55 yr old witch. I love all music ('cept Rap), horror movies, reading thrillers/horror novels (Stephen King, Tanya Huff, etc.). I just recently heard Mika's song "Love Today" and was hooked. Actually I have to blame my roommate Kim who just couldn't get the song outta her head :roftl: . Anyway, I'm here so let's get this party started!:gathering:

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Welcome to the club, neighbour! Don't get hooked to MFC too much :naughty:





Kidding, welcome to the club:biggrin2:

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Hi Yalita.

I just became part of the MFC. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I left there a very long time ago. I lived in Brownsville and East New York. I am now in Upstate New York, and have been for quite a while. My children grew up in Albany. Nice to know that there is another Brooklynite here. Even though I am no longer there, I will always consider myself a Brooklynite. :)

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