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Hello, everyone! How are you all this fine evening?


A little bit about myself: I'm 19 years old and I live in Australia. I enjoy reading (non-fiction, science fiction and classical literature), writing (poetry or ridiculously philosophical analyses of society), talking, debating, travel, photography, and volunteering. My core values are those of freedom and equality, being true to one's self and trying your best in all that you do. I'm spontaneous and changeable which makes life interesting but sometimes fickle. I think a little too much which means that I'm always asking questions and never take anything for granted but it sometimes complicates my life. I enjoy living alternatively in all that I do - from the way that I talk, the food that I eat, the clothes that I wear to the things that I do for fun - it's refreshing and stimulating. My mouth is anatomically small but you wouldn't know it from the amount that I talk. I'm short but I pack a mean punch.


I was introduced to Mika's music by a friend. I listen to music across the board (classical, contemporary classical, jazz, big band, classic rock, glam rock, classic pop, house, alternative, alternative rock, heavy metal, Arabic and world), anything that's different and catches my ear. The first time that my friend told me about a pop singer called Mika whom she adored, I nodded politely and made a mental note to myself to steer clear of such a silly artist. A few weeks later she gave me his CD and I hesitantly listened to it. My first impression was that he had a fantastic voice and his music was catchy and entertaining but essentially pointless like much of popular music these days. After a few relistens, though, I started to hear the classic rock and classic pop influences (a Queen, Elton John, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Prince mish mash) with operatic undercurrents and a bit of quirk (in the lines of artists such as Beck or Bjork). Yet there was something else thrown in the mix, something distinctly Mika's. After reading the lyrics to his songs, I was suprised to find them serious and ironic, dealing with topics such as an identity crisis, size acceptance, the nature of relationships in this day and age and death. This won points for Mika as I have respect for singer song-writers who can address the often frivolous mass media on matters of import, my favourites being Brandon Boyd of Incubus and Bob Dylan. After reading a few interviews and watching a few appearances, I found him to be charming and unapologetically individual. A very long story short: for many reasons, Mika is now one of my favourite artists and I look forward to following the progress of what will hopefully be an interesting, long and fruitful creative process for him.


I also look forward to getting to know you all a little better and snooping around this lovely board.


In retrospect, that's a rather long intro post! Kudos to you if you're willing to plow through it and no hard feelings if you're not




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