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  1. Ummm, hello 🙂 I think it's been about 10 years since I last logged on, holy crap, but great to see some familiar names still popping up on the thread.... So the reason for my post is I just found out today I'll be in Brisbane on the night Mika is playing at The Tivoli- what are the freaking chances!! I knew there was no way he'd get to Perth so the stars have aligned to help me get there!! Hope everyone is doing great (even though I still keep up to date with a few of you via FB 🙂 )
  2. Hi! Love your sig:

    Stalking Mika around the country: priceless!:teehee::roftl::roftl::roftl:

  3. Will load the podcast once it is online.
  4. interview with Meeks on my local radio station in a minute, listen here: http://www.929.com.au/
  5. Heyo. I wasn't sure if you missed my reply to you in the Aussie thread... He's supposed to be singing at the Grand Final of Aus Idol on the Sunday night. Anyway you could do that one and get a late flight home or something?

  6. I was actually thinknig of PamRam, but have just gone back through some of the old posts to discover who zoidy is. Still not sure of the exact situation, but have a vague idea from some old info. Regardless, I hope she is feeling okay and can get on here soon. I am sick as a dog, lying in bed trying to do work. Need to drag myself out of her shortly to go to a store.... Hope everyone else is feeling healthier...
  7. What happened to Pam??? Hi, sorry to hear you have had comp dramas :-(
  8. I think he came from asia (did Japan and the hongkers) and then flew to us- he may have been in the US before that though? Fingers and toes crossed..... I just did this music survey for Austereo (I get a $50 Westfield voucher as it touch 2hrs,but then also won an instant prize of another $100 voucher ) but although there were HEAPS of songs I needed to rate they included everyone of Meek's songs he has released here (inc WAG)- needless to say those ones scored 100% Hope everyone is having a great night
  9. At least tiger now fly to Syd from Mel, so we can get to Mel super cheap, and then onto Syd. nd yes, Teegs, he did go to the USA after us last time, I vaguely remember, it was so long ago though........
  10. I should be good for most of Nov, as long as I get enough notice!! How are we all tonight?
  11. What part are they up to now? I can't get live streaming here...
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