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  1. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    Here’s the sortie after the recording on Nov. 14th 2EEFC04B-77BD-4944-B9A8-8310585830C6.tiff
  2. He visited the restaurant with Karen Mok a few days after his last gig in Asia. (2016) It seems that he had a really good time there ~ XD There are loads of photos with autographs on the wall of the restaurant, and tbh I am a little bit jealous. Thanks to the restaurant owner for sharing the original copy of that pic with bicycle from his phone. Btw this is the first time for me staring a thread on MFC. LOL Hope it works.
  3. Mika in Asian Press 2016

    This signed one is cute!!! I mean, he is serious on that pic but the thing he added onto the background makes everything lighter.
  4. [The Voice] season-5, France - 2016

    I tried one episode of 'the voice uk' and I do not like the coaches… they are not fun at all… Then I suddenly rememberd why he chose to do the voice in France. Because he can be in the way he wants to be and not be written with scripts.