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  1. Loo

    I wrote an article about Casa Mika!

    I'm reading and it's already beautiful! Did you ever think of getting yourself published by developing this text a little more? I also loved that the first article was about Mika (more than casaMika) and that the theme of your blog was: "Monster movies, weird media, obscure media, and all the murder mysteries I can get my hands on. This blog is mostly about monster movies, but that other stuff will make an appearance too." Parapraxis? What is for sure, it is that on this forum we find beautiful writer's quills!
  2. I saw that she had managed to post it somewhere else! Here:
  3. Loo

    The New Argentinian Thread :)

    Implantes; ¡son más duraderos y efectivos!
  4. image.png.a0ae108e9a2b878f2a83a4a058043332.png

    "Le son de la simplicité"; voilà peut être une piste pour le style du prochain album: la Monophonie.  :roftl:



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    2. Boucarilla


      Je veux la voir aussi ! 😁😁

    3. Loo


      J'ai bien la barre qui s'affiche maintenant qu'elle est en mp4, mais ni son, ni image!

      Si un pro de l'informatique passe dans le coin?

    4. miknikel


      Dommage. On va attendre que tu aies autre chose de croustillant  à nous mettre sous la dent. 

  5. Loo

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Pour celles qui ont envie de faire un petit tour en Italie du 28 au 30 septembre et aller faire un petit coucou à Mika! L'entrée est gratuite si vous vous enregistrez ici: --> https://nextfest2018-firenze.wired.it/
  6. Since it is now official, here is Mika's latest passion: Show jumping with his new horse!
    There too, two months to learn the technique! (High potential when you hold us!)





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    2. Loo


      Yes, he has regular passions, this one is the last most important!  :bleh:


      The horses are small, regardless!  :sneaky2:  :lmfao:

    3. Lilyen


      Little ponies

    4. Boucarilla


      Yes really a high potential! 🤣