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  1. We started out as groupies but some of us have groped Jake, so we're now called gropies:wink2:
  2. Thats what you should come to expect from Scissor scissors fans. especially the Jake Gropies:blush-anim-cl:
  3. I can't get her site to work, it keeps crashing:sad:
  4. I'll see you all in May:wink2: This will be a nice start to my holiday, Gill you shouldnt encourage me:thumb_yello:
  5. how close were we - theres no barrier at the cockpit, his mic stand was an inch in front of me & Gill, every time he lifted his leg I thought he was gonna kick me:boxed: more piccys I tried to be like grace kelly So I tried a little freddy
  6. He brought out a big bag of stuff, including blow up guitars and keyboards, masks, hats, fairy wands, and threw it all into the crowd. And I didnt realise his trousers were that low until I put that pic up, but us scissor fans won't be complaining. I'll put some more up tonight when I get home.
  7. ello Just got back from Leeds. FANTASTIC - his mic was right in front of me, we could have touched him. But resisted in case we got chucked out. They were all on top form. they even taped his piano keys together, so he couldnt play. Lots of masks and blow ups and hats and balloons. and he did everybodys talkin, which was amazing. will put some more pics up tomorrow night, as i'm too knackered now HOBNOB - The ever elusive hobnob - I think I saw you with the K, I wouldve come said hello if I'd have known it was you my keys wont work i'll get you for this silly hats & masks very hard to resist touching
  8. Lozwinter - was it you who took a pic of me with Mika when my bateries ran out. I cant wait to see it. Jane
  9. Has any body mentioned us all chanting for him take his trousers off when he kept pulling them up. He said he wouldn't cause his mum was there and his vibrating piano stool.
  10. Manny - your gonna love my little pressie to you:wub2: I asked Mika if he would sign something for you and when I said Prince Manny his face lit up and he started asking about you. He said something about all your friends having silly names like duke of something and princess of something else. he's wrote you a lovely message. and i'll take pics of it incase it ends up wherever your b'day card went. I'll catch you on msn later
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