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  1. scs mi puoi accettare l'amicizia e spiegare 1 po di cose, nn capisco nulla รจ tt in inglese!!

  2. but what beautiful photos he has some huge and sweet eyes...
  3. :wub2: i love johnny expecially when he recites jack sparrow..he's so hot... but he is also nice
  4. hilarious theard.... mika is also very beautiful as soup:thumb_yello:
  5. oh i love old friends ..if I don't remember badly freddie and roger they were a lot of friends... however this song is very beautiful because has been written with the heart
  6. really? this way me that i have not gone to the concert i can comfortably see it from my house... it is marvelous:thumb_yello: thx mirtilla
  7. yes but i love he in the 70s (whitout the moustaches ) very beautiful eyes, fleshy lips, long hair... it was very beautiful:wub2:
  8. mizza che begli occhi che tiene !!! translate wow what a beautiful eyes that it has
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