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  1. c'est mignon, vous êtes timides tous les deux :D j'espère que vous allez vaincre votre timidité un jour, je vous vois bien ensemble en fait. et bouge-toi avant que tu ne partes de paris lol

    ouais, je suis encore debout, mais je vais y aller maintenant, j'espère que je réussirai à dormir, je n'ai plus l'habitude de me coucher si tôt lol

    ma peau est en train de se peler partout, surtout sur ma tête, je dois laver mes cheveux tout le temps, sinon on va penser que j'ai des pellicules, c'est horrible!

    voici mon mail: catherinetoussaint@gmx.net, je sais plus si tu as msn, en tout cas c'est mon adresse msn aussi ;)

    bonne nuit! et bon courage pour les exams!

  2. hey! Merci de ton msg. Ca m'a vraiment fait plaisir de t'accueillir ici chez moi. C'est super que ca t'ait plu la soirée au Queen. C'est tjrs sympa de connaître des choses inconnues. Moi j'en avais un peu marre au bout d'un moment parce que j'étais trop timide de faire qqc. Cé clair que tu flirtais plus que moi! lol

    En tt cas, je t'écris sur mfc car j'évite kon me voit sur le chat de fb, que joan me voit en fait. haha Je viens de sortir au ciné avec lui, il m'avait invité de venir et cété très sympa. Je pense ca sera peut-être qqc, mais rien ne s'est encore passé sauf de parler et des regards. Mais jaime bien. puis on était dans le chat et puis je l'ai quitté, car je dois bosser. du coup retour sur fb interdit ce soir haha maintenant je vais vraiment étudier. Tu vas bien? Ne te couche pas trop tard. Faudra être bien éveillé pour tenir face à des élèves turbulents un lundi matin! ;)

    Cé quoi ton mail au fait? Ta peau ca va ou t'as enore le style Roland Garros?

    bisous Jonathan

  3. I'm here with cath85 at her house in Luxembourg and looking at this thread. I knew you would post this picture Nina, you seemed to be eager to catch Mika's most "authentic" smile on camera! And it is a great picture. Concert was fantastic, just love the concept of the show, really well put together. I really enjoyed seeing the whole backstage side of it, the excitement of walking up the stairs to the stage and getting dressed my Mrs Penniman who takes control of absolutely everything. She is so charming and still singing along the words to her sons's songs behind the stage. Mariposa has just left, I hope she'll have a speedy recovery from her claustrophobic Big Girl torture mask experience! lol No I think she actually enjoyed it, but damn these masks were quite a challenge!
  4. Heyho!


    What's up? Le Lux s'approche. :)

    Can't wait!

  5. Thank you so much for this! I had a great time going to the show and autograph session, happy to meet Mika's fan crowd again! Btw, you can see me in basically every screencap of the interview along with Mika and Lucinda...what a moment of fame! lol
  6. Indeed. Strange but true! I do look forward though to hearing it all in one go, in studio quality and to seeing how the album can be appreciated as a whole.
  7. Well I sure DO want the new Mika album, and ASAP! And I want to listen to all of the songs. What's wrong with that? Why do you enjoy the wait so much? Patience is a virtue...
  8. Isn't it incredible? The album has leaked but it is nowhere to be found on the internet. I guess only well-behaved Mexican MFCers downloaded it. Still, that a leak of such a highly anticipated album stays almost unnoticed is unbelievable. What a shame I didn't have a Mexican credit card!
  9. Thanks for typing it up from your subscription copy! I love Q magazine, they do obviously have some rock and britpop preferences but they surely are never shy to proclaim their love for pop when it's due! Getting a good review from Q is very important, now all the cheap papers can copy and paste the praise!
  10. Which day are you going, 11th or 12th? I'll see you there!:wink2:Then I'll get in somehow by trespassing illegally, chatting up Mika's mum or maybe even by regularly buying a ticket, but that does seem very unlikely! Btw, Mariposa, when I saw on youtube that you had been on a Lily Allen-concert, I was like "me too, please!!!" Then I looked at the video, and I seriously hope you got a refund for that drunk chick's "performance"!!!
  11. Oh my God! Just had the shock of my life when I was reading that mikasounds.com-mail telling me "tour" and then "Paris sold out"! I've been somewhere else with my thoughts recently but how could I only oversleep this?! But I will get in somehow, that is for sure! Anyway, looking forward to seeing the fan-posse again! (and sorry Mariposa for not answering to your mail, I was a bit distracted...)
  12. I found this single review on billboard.com. It makes a good point about corporate-commanded American radio airplay and a thumbs-up for Mika! http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/content_display/reviews/singles/e3i09f751dd163aa411775715245169ebf6 For all the grumbling about record labels' misplaced priorities, you've got to give credit to Casablanca/ Universal Republic's fortitude in knowing a good thing when they've got it . . . even as radio programmers react with a collective "Wizard of Oz" mentality: no courage and reasoning faculties befitting a bale of straw. It's just not that tough to understand the mass-appeal charms of Mika, with his campy, crush-velvet grooves; madcap, singalong choruses; and clear-cut image as a guy who just wants to bring mirth back to the art of making music. In nearly two dozen other nations, "Relax, Take It Easy" was the sixth—count 'em, sixth—top 10 hit from Mika's shimmering full-length "Life in Cartoon Motion." In the States, it managed to reach the top five on the Dance Airplay chart—garnering a Grammy Award nod for best dance recording—but that's simply not enough: Top 40 should be luxuriating in the charms of Mika, starting with last year's ace launch single "Grace Kelly." Fortunately, new media and satellite radio have opened the floodgates, as he continues to sell out stateside venues. Mika is a keepsake and "Relax" an easy, breezy, obvious smash. If corporate-commanded FM wonders why it continues to lose listener momentum, start right here. —Chuck Taylor
  13. Good point, I wouldn't want to deal with the Canadian winter! Luckily this concert is in July!
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