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    he remembered me (;

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  1. I met Mika in New York too! :naughty:

  2. i mean i just saw that video, he does pull her over twicee in the car, and he does give her a bit of a looook (; and his expression at 00:30 is lovely : ) ahah if there is something going on between them there are no actual words to describe my jelousy of her: (
  3. oh lovelyyy!!! ahhh i knew it wasnt a cover well i hoped it wasnt im off to bed now! nightt guys! xx
  4. what is this no chicken thing all about?! i swear i've missed something!? ahah,
  5. haha whoever did it, mika has absolutely redefined it i lovee it, the harmonys on it too : )
  6. it's a cover?! who sung is originally!? i swear i recognised it, but i had no idea where from..
  7. Oh i am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so excited! i love himmm! hey, does anyone know if "how much do you love me" has been recorded properly, and weather i can get it? i love that song tooooo much
  8. Hey, I've been on here for a year i think now? i've been in the forums, and talked to people etc, i was just wondering, do like, a big group of you all arrange to go and see him live etc., and know him personally? because if so, i'd like to join you, i've met him twice, once in new york last year, and the second time last tuesday, and he remembered me but we wont go into that, i was just wondering, do you all arrange to go to a certain gig and meet him and things like that? from francesca, 15 years oldd, xxxxxx
  9. i am so incredously jelous of you! i wish i could spend like the day with him! (: that's so amazing (:
  10. All of these photos and videos are gorgeous i've had butterflies since tuesday i actually love him ahah
  11. Wicked video! it's on my ipod touch (; good night lovelys! i don't really talk to anyone on here, but since today, i've realised what a lovely bunch of people you all are so (: good night! sleep tight! xxx
  12. So, does anyone have any photos from the gig? i love looking through them
  13. Oh! it's a long story Basically, We were in the airport, after a long wait of 6 hours on a plane, they decided to take everyone off of the plane due to some problems. this was last february, basically i was sat up waiting, and i saw a man aimlessly wondering around the airport, so i ran over to him and realsied who it was! i shouted mika, but byt hsi point he waas to far away to notice, later on, we had to re check in, at this point i was well upset cos i thought id missed my chance to meet him, when i heard - Frankie! loook! and i turned round, and checking in next to us was mika we got a photo and said goodbye! THEN later on, waiting to board the plane i saw him sat on his own, we went over and talked we found out he had been on OUR same delayed plane and we were all in our pyjamas, and he was like "mmm pyjama sheek!" and we were all laughing and joking, then we showed him a video of us dancing to grace kelly in our hotel room and he was saying for us to put it on youtube basically yeah we just had a conversation about why we were in new yorkk, and how gorgeous he was, we got lost in conversation and he turned round to hear "LAST CALLING FOR FLIGHT ...." and he was like "**** girls i have to go!, i didnt realis that was my plane!" he was so lovely im so glad i found him in the airport haha
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