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  1. yeah that kinda freaks me out too!:eek: It sounds creepy! I remember when that all came out back in the day...I think it started with early Madonna or Michael Jackson and they said they had crazy/weird/creepy stuff in their songs! I think I'll just listen to Mika Frontwards LMAO!
  2. I hope the US site will be able to order merchandise soon! *waits patiently*
  3. LOL very funny! I was all over Perez's site trying to find the story!! That was a good one!!!
  4. Good point dcdeb! I think he's gonna do fine over here!
  5. I'm always up for a roadtrip!!!
  6. Yeah its the hair...the smile...the charm...the music...and the BRACES!
  7. Mika makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  8. Yeah I figure there's no way in hell Mika is gonna come to hillbilly/redneck Louisiana, therefore I'm saving my pennies as we speak so when the tour dates/cites are released I'll be good to go! No biggie though...I love to travel and Mika is definitely worth it...ya know what I'm sayin? And I think I really need one of those Mika hugs for sure!!!!
  9. Yeah when he was on Jay Leno this past week, they said he'd be doing a US tour in June but I don't know how long the tour is or where he'll be going! I too am waiting...patiently LOL!
  10. Yay!!! I'm Mika Maniac #41....Awesomeness!!! Woot!
  11. I like this forum much better! Everything is all over the place over there! People are friendlier here too!!!
  12. Yeah I'm definitely a Mika Maniac! Count me in! I Love Love Love him!!
  13. Hmmm...where to start?? His boyish charm and his hair OMG! I love his laugh and he has an amazing smile!! Let's be honest though....I love all things Mika!!! Mika can do NO wrong in my eyes LOL!!!
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