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  1. Do you guys (girls actually) know if you can only buy this deluxe version in the Mikasounds shop? Because there you can only pay with creditcard and I don't have one...
  2. And now Hubbah - Michiel Borstlap xD (again a Dutch artist)
  3. Hearing the song I was thinking of at my work (all at sea - Jamie Cullum) For unknown reasons it made me happy.
  4. Awwww, poor you. Long live the internet. Otherwise we would be all so lonely.
  5. Yes, it's brilliant. I think it's pretty funny that you are trying to pronounce it (I hope you do it out loud, that would be funny) Hahaha, okay frogs are kinda funny. But I wouldn't be glad if I was named 'frog' xD
  6. Party, as in an alcoholic party? Right, My lesson for you guys to pronounce my name right! One syllable at first: 'veer' you just pronounce it as you say 'beer' in English, only with a 'v' instead of the 'b'. Second syllable: 'le' you pronounce it like the french 'le' or ehh, as the first part of 'lullaby'. And then try to say my whole name! Good luck, haha:aah:
  7. It's a Belgian name, it sucks when I'm abroad. No one can pronounce it.. I can give you a pronounce lesson if you'd like though? And about the boy, weeeell, let's say I'm hopeless. I've become friends with the boy I actually like. Again. It always happens to me. (being friends is super, really, but not for me in this ehh, situation. xD) And he's such a sweetheart coming by. (Twice, Monday he also came but I was not there:teehee: I felt so sorry!)
  8. Zo triest is dat niet hoor! Soms is het gewoon lekker om eventjes 'boos' te blijven. En ik weet natuurlijk niet waar de ruzie over ging, maar excuses van beide kanten is wel zo netjes natuurlijk.
  9. I'm Veerle and I'm (only) 16 years old. And thank you! I'm going to skip the whole favourite color/pet/hobby if you don't mind. xD Not very intresting.
  10. Hi! Well, I do think he's cute. (not everyone agrees with me xD but that's taste, eh?) He's funny and sweet, but he's going to move after the summer... Hehe, thanks! of course I am, you just cought me. xD edit: Oh, and I think I'll go with Jamie Cullum's Catching Tales.Or otherwise Prince and the revolution - Parade
  11. Oeh, difficult! I'll take a look at my cd's and vinyl and then I'll tell you my answer in a sec. btw, hi I'm Veerle! (not so new, but I don't post a lot)
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