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  1. Late to the party, but I will be there tonight, with my daughter, also opting for the seated area (she’s 8 and quite small, I’m a bit nervous she’ll be trampled in the crowd). @holdingyourdrink I hope to see you there too with your girl, any way I can recognise you? I have dark curly hair that’s relatively short, my daughter’s hair is straight and blonde (she takes after her father). Do you have any hints for me? You guys are so cool with the hearts! How big are they? Perhaps I can make a few too.
  2. Jawel, maar die kletsen allemaal Engels. En vroeger - voor ik hier was - waren er kennelijk veel meer actief. Die wandelen nu af en toe nog binnen, maar zijn hier niet meer dagelijks.
  3. Hoi en welkom! Het is hier wat aan de stille kant, maar soms zijn wel heel gezellig
  4. Of course we all prefer to hear Mika sing rather than someone else. I liked the way she sang the song though. It was very different from the way Mika sings it, but she's definitely better at insinuating there's a lot of boum boum boum going on.
  5. I'm not going to believe it until I hold it in my hands. Last time he also moved the date after it was announced, at least in the Netherlands.
  6. My boyfriend's comments on the video: "Ok, that video makes no sense whatsoever." "At least EMD made sense." (Yes, the comment that this does not make sense comes from a person that thinks the EMD video made sense) "I must say, the girl is quite good looking." "It is beautifully made, by the way." He was smiling while he was watching it...
  7. Well, I wouldn't say it's just the light. I saw Fortuné in normal light and although I did not mistake him for Mika, the resemblance really is striking. Later that night an MFC'er saw him in the audience and was like 'why is Mika here, shouldn't he get ready to perform?'
  8. I think I have to work then. Really annoying how trivialities like work get in the way of following Mika 10 am is probably the best time because everyone will want to comment on the vid then anyway. However, apparently the best time to tweet is 2 pm. I know someone who studies that sort of thing and according to him tweets that are sent around 2 pm are most likely to be retweeted and liked and thus are more likely to have impact. No idea why.
  9. Marilyn, I have the same problem sometimes. If you want to get around it, what you do is quote the post. You then see the code between the youtube tags. Copy that, then put in your browser: http://youtube.com/watch?v= And then the code you just copied. So in this case: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hK0Ulr5FDYM It's a bit annoying, but it does the trick for me. Let me know if it works for you as well
  10. I'm bored, nothing interesting to see here. Where's my phone so I can check twitter? Alternatively: Ewwww, breasts. Let's look away and smile politely.
  11. I'm glad you're still around Christine, even if it is in a different role. I would have missed these kind of remarks.
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