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  1. Hello. Thanks for accepting my friend request.

  2. Welcome! Hope you'll enjoy it here!
  3. hahaha!! Let them hear it as often as you possibly can!
  4. I bet it's hard to believe. It'll probably hit you in a couple of days that you're really gonna be MIKA'S LOLLIPOP GIRL!! I'm so incredibly happy for you! And i'm pretty sure you'll meet him!
  5. That's a very good way to put - i couldn't have found better words for it myself. Mika is an addiction...a good one
  6. I can't imagine otherwise. Congratulatioins by the way!!
  7. It could be...i'm not convinced, though. I guess it'll remain mistery!
  8. The brown hoodie, red pants, the jacket he's wearing on the site's banner & the orange jacket!
  9. Oh you definitely should! If you will, let me know!
  10. I met him twice, at both of his Manchester gigs. The first time i was in such a shock with him standing there in front of me, but i was determined not to let it ruin this for me. I ofcourse told him how much i'd loved his show and he said thanks with a smile on his face and signed my poster. I told him that he should come to Iceland and do a show and he said "wow, you're from Iceland? I really want to go there". Then i asked him for a hug and he was like "aww, sure" and hugged me. It was wonderful. Then the night after the first thing he said was "Hey! I remember you from last night! Don't you think tonight's show was much more fun?". And i told him they were both good, but the second one had been more fun, better audience reaction, and as polite as he is he said thanks. Then signed my LiCM dvd, complimented my blinking bunny ears, asked me when i was going back home, gave me a goodbye hug and wished me a safe trip back to Iceland. I swear, the best 2 nights of my life!! lol.
  11. That's odd...very odd! Never seen anything like it.
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