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  1. 1. My favourite:Mika outfit-Blue sweatshirt with white jeans. (the one from jay leno) Mika song-grace kelly. Mika songline-"Smile like you mean it and let yourself let go." Mika quote- This is a sit-down concert! You're supposed to f***ing behave! Mika picture- Mika interview- The Graham Norton Show interview and Roxercise and Chubby Bunny! Mika video- Love Today. Mika merchandise- My Mika sweatshirt! 2. If Mika: Hugged me I would- give him the biggest hug I am capable of! Shouted my name i would- turn around and run to him. smiled at me i would- flirtly smile back at him. danced with me i would- ...don't even get me started. 3. I have _2_ pictures of mika on my wall _4_ pictures of mika on my phone 4. If i got to ask mika 3 questions only they would be 1) What is your favorite type of dog? 2) Do you like blondes or brunettes? 3) Will you write a song about me? 5) If i was a mika character i would be- Big Girl! 6) When i meet mika im going to- Ask him for a hug and a picture. 7)My favourite ever thread on the mfc- haha mikagasmic. HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MIKA? His birthday- August 18, 1983. His family- Mum and Dad. Yasmine, Fortune, (sorry... i forget his other sisters names.) =[ Born- in lebanon on august 18, 1983. Any other intresting facts- he likes clouds shaped as boobs.
  2. i love italian fashion! i think it's the fashion capital of the world. when the italians say something is fashionable, it's fashionable. haha. america said he looked like he was trying to be a pirate with that scarf and the necklace he had. they are so wrong. a ton of people in america think fashion is short skirts, tight jeans, and shirts that say the store name across the front. i'm so glad that i don't dress like that. (sorry for my rant, but i needed to get it out. )
  3. one thing that he said to us is "this is supposed to be a soft-seater. Your supposed to f***ing behave yourselves!" Us Bostonians don't behave ourselves. we have no rules for life. and then he said something about how boston is one of his favorite cities to perform in.
  4. haha yeah! i remember that! i think my friend might have gotten a picture of him zipping it up. he was so embarrassed when he found out. i wonder if he was wearing the same pants as he was in boston and in chicago... hmm... if not, maybe it's some kind of plan he has concocted if you know what i'm trying to get at...
  5. wow. oh and Femifrosk, what is the clip in your siggie from? is it from a video?
  6. i think even when he is big in america, he'll still come out the front instead of the back. he adores his fans and obviously we adore him. haha yeah that meet up would be fun! i bet there were other people from the MFC there too. we just have to wait til the time comes. i love dancing to his music. i don't really like the seated places. haha i love how he thought we were going to be calm and sit the whole time. HA! he said "this is supposed to be a soft seater! you guys are supposed to f****n' behave yourselves!" as we all scream at the top of our lungs. haha did you hear some girl scream "have my babies!" or something like that? that was wicked funny. there were 2 girls that sat infront of me and they were being wicked mean to me and my friends like whenever we would freak out and dance and sing they would give us wicked bad looks. and they sat down the whole time and were playing with their phones. they didn't even watch him! that made me wicked mad.
  7. yeah, i knew she was lieing through her teeth, she's wasn't even looking me in the eyes when she was talking to me. and i know that mika doesn't leave his fans out there, he's not like that at all. oh! i saw mikaholic too! but i didn't recongnize her. hahaha but she recongnized me. yeah, when we drove past the orpheum we went down the street that was on the left of it and i looked down the alley and there was nothing there. and i was like I KNEW IT! and i got wicked angry. but next time he comes, nothing will stop me!
  8. that was me! that was me who was talking to that lieing woman! ugh. we were going to stay there, but it started pouring and my parents said that we should leave. (i recognized you too! haha i would have said hi but i didn't think you knew who i was.) and she was saying that "when your a huge star like him, you don't go out the front anymore. you go out the back to the huge limos and to the huge hotels." and i was like "bullcrap!" but i didn't want that scary old man to yell at me. there was no need for them to be so rude to us. (and i totally am a hard-core fan! it's just that my parents aren't too hard-core, so it's not my fault i had to leave)
  9. I KNEW IT! uh. those people that worked there were sooo mean! they really didn't have to act like that to us. ugh, i know how you feel! that was my second chance to meet him and i wanted to stay wicked bad but the people i was with kept saying that he wouldn't come out and so they made me leave. ugh! i'm so angry now!
  10. You know what I've noticed? American's, and being an American myself, seem to judge people by what they do and how they dress. And I, personally, don't think that America isn't that fond of his music just becuase some don't understand what he's trying to say, I think it is becuase of the way he dresses perhaps or how he sings. And unfortunatly if you were to ask 10 people in my school, 6 of them would probably hate mika just because of how he sings or the way he dresses. And I'm really disappointed in my country for thinking that. Some people just can't open their minds and hearts to get to know someone who is himself and he has such a strong will-power to be himself and not change, that is why I really like Mika. (and because he's AMAZING! )
  11. could someone please post a link to this article because i can't seem to find it online.
  12. cool! thanks. i've never heard this one.
  13. that's what Aaurora said... someone should ask him after one of the upcoming shows.
  14. he said that he doesn't eat beef? hmm... maybe he's a poultritarian.
  15. i dunno guys... the fingernails look pretty square to me. the ring finger does anyway. and it could be from a little while ago before he was "a man". haha i mean... maybe senior year of high school... or freshman year of college. idk... just the position of this mysterious person's hands remind me of mika's hands a lot. but... in a way, i ahvhe to agree with all of you that they don't really look liek his hands. but we should keep the possibilities open!
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