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  1. hey are you still going to the nyc concert??

  2. Gosh, I'm so happy for him. You're amazing kiddo! This is huge! I want to see him with an ear to ear grin. hahaha. * Big hugs* edit: Love that jacket! I'm going to have to steal your jackets from you. I'm kidding! I'm just so proud...sniff.
  3. Cheers! Final-freakin-ly!! I can make my official closing statement here. I've been saying this for 4 months now. this place is going down faster then the Titanic. Its now or never folks. Get the f*ck out.
  4. Yeah babe!!! Aw, i have so many friends in these places. Can't wait to meet you all.
  5. Fmbm, I'm glad that you've apologized because it takes real guts to own up when you've initiated something wrong,which is what happened. No, you didn't go crazy and start saying some of the horrible things that others were saying but you created a platform to do so, so in that your apology is appropriate and of course, with out a doubt expected. we all know that pms-ing bring out the worst in us. This is not directed at you but more so at everyone in the mfc. If we expect to be taken seriously as the "official Mika Fan Club" as so many of you are working so hard to achieve, especially the mods, the we are going to have to curtail a lot of the outbreaks that have been going on around here(I'm including myself in this). Sometimes its just about catching ourselves when we've made a mistake and apologizing and redirecting our anger. If we have to get off the mfc for awhile, just to take a break the maybe thats what needs to be done, but its not worth it to work so hard at something just to shoot ourselves in the foot, so to speak. I really hope this doesn't offend anyone because i really would love for us to become official and have all the benefits involved in that but we really need to shape us and use a little more heart when dealing with one another. A lot of us think of each other as family and that may even be why we are getting so comfortable saying and doing things in a very direct way, but even with family we have to learn that without being responsible for our actions and without caring enough for the other guy we won't survive. I say this because i love you all. Your amazingly talented and incredible people, and i know we can work to make this right. Big hugs for all of you!!!
  6. Wow, that was an early concert no? Sounds interesting. What time is it in Paris?
  7. Yes, i second that, If you are that skilled i will applaud you. So its over already or was Yop kidding?
  8. Omgs! thank you soo much! This place looks lovely!
  9. O, one more question. Does anyone know the closes hotel the the gigs on the 22and 23rd of November... I think Birmingham. I want to know so i can call them up and make reservations.
  10. Really? Can Naomi stay with you then? My hubby and i might have to book a room but i need to know what the city is for booking purposes.
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