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  1. woo! i'm so glad you like it! i basically bought things i love and hoped you would as well. again, i'm so happy you like it. =mwah!!= p.s. no cosmogirl in france?! that's just crazy
  2. you have an awesome name! WELCOME and have fun!
  3. "Theater/re" haha, yay! what have sheep done to you? you can't thrown them. besides rocks are better, even when hitting friends.
  4. yay! "WELCOME" and have fun! we all know you will
  5. WELCOME and have fun!
  6. not only another american! but another texan, yay! it kind of has made my day i'm another american rep so if you need any help, especially from a texan- feel free to ask me WELCOME and have fun!
  7. yay! Hello! i'm a rep for america on behalf of the MFC. if you need anything or have any questions, feel free to ask me or another rep! WELCOME and have fun!
  8. OMGsh! i just got back from seeing seneca's oedipus. um.... freaking awesome! the music-engulfed me the lights-dazzled me the acting-captured me the movements-scared/intrigued me the show-inspired me bee-you-tea-full so, if you can- you might want to see it somewhere sometime
  9. hey, how's it going? good to have another american fan 'up in here.' i'm one of the reps for america, so if you need any sort of help or w/e feel, free to ask me! and feel free to hit me up on myspace, too. WELCOME and have fun!
  10. i don't know how helpful i can/will be, but i'm willing to lend a hand...or shoe.
  11. yay! america should just be taken by a mika storm. besides, america and mika kind of rhyme...kind of. but i am tired of all the McDreamy/Steamy/w-e grey's guy references. c'mon columnists, get creative with your titles. i enjoy that show, too. just not constantly out of context. some of us do
  12. OMGsh, i know! my friends and i can't really watch it anymore b/c we'll sing to every time. if we don't, we would cry. i also absolutely despise any part with sarah in it. i mean i enjoy a good cheesy bit now and then, but her scenes make me throw up a little. amen! it's just b/c they're so good. i didn't like the movie though....ew i love noises off!! we did that my junior year! STORY: our set spun around and their was the "show" side and the "backstage side," like it should be. so on stage right of the "show" side was a huge wall. well, one of the characters (my friend ethan) trips and falls down the stairs. so, it was closing night and ethan thought it would be awesome to get his head stuck in the wall first and then fall down the stairs. we scored the wall so when he hit it, his head would go through. the show goes and we're all waiting for it to happen. when he runs into the wall, the WHOLE side comes off of the 2 story set and falls stage right with him, almost hitting me and another crew member. everyone screamed and we watied for the longest 30 seconds of our lives. ethan emerges from the wall rubble and goes through a set door and plays it off like he just fell down the stairs. it made me lose a year of my life.
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