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  1. Anyways, voted too... like 5 times. I don't hope Kanye will win, I think he has spoiled his chances now with acting so rude against that girl... Mika for the win!
  2. Haha, that must be awkward, seeing yourself on the screen But you guys DO make me jealous... gosh... If I even knew earlier about Mika @ LP before....
  3. Really? I'm glad for him he's English is somewhat better now! But I know how difficult it is to speak proper English... I've had to do this English exam... When I'm typing on this forum, it's much easier than speaking it. When making a mistake, we can simply delete it with backspace, but when saying it... Hey! Mika advert on NL 1
  4. Yeah, that's what I found annoying too... But that's something we can't stop. I know everybody around me hates the fact that I'm obsessed with the Mikster
  5. Haha, heb em net gezien! Oh, wat is Mika toch een schatje... Ook vond ik Rain prachtig gezongen, stond met tranen in mn ogen te luisteren. Ach, niet zo negatief... Je moet proberen positief te denken, als je dat uitstraalt, zullen mensen veel liever in je beurt willen zijn !. Tenminste, dat is mij altijd geleerd. En als het even niet lukt in de liefde, kun je je toch lekker focussen op school/werk? Dat is ook heel belangrijk natuurlijk. Je echte liefde kom je vanzelf wel tegen!
  6. Me isz a Harry Potter nurddss too . I don't really hate or love Twilight, I liked the movie but I'm not really excited about the upcoming movie... eh... I thought it's called New Moon.
  7. Yeah, I also thought Paul's English was better than this! Ah, whatever, it was great
  8. WOW, he performed Rain amazingly! Oh... this reminds me why I'm such a big fan!
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