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  1. Hello Roxy! :)


    All my best wishes for your Birthday! :flowers2:

  2. I have a Canon SX 110 IS and i'm quiet happy with it. i got it for $267 last year, it was really worth the money and i also love how it looks. I recently saw a new SX 120 which wasn't really different, just had a higher pixel rate and was less expensive. I really want to see the new Olympus Pen...
  3. Oh,sounds ok, Im gonna make it then :naughty:

  4. i can only talk on the weekend mornings...anyways, so let's think of a title...do you want it to be just for girls? we can call it the girl's thread...i'm not really creative LOL


    Happy easter btw! :)

  5. I know, but remember, you were here when it's night for us and we did talk also when I have an early morning + there are people from different time zones too.. :wink2: I thought we could think the title, coz my english sucks more than yours :naughty:

  6. well see i wasn't completely away from the MFC:naughty:

  7. i'd looooooove to, but i'm in a different time zone :|

    i don't know how that would work. but i miss our girls thread. :sad:

  8. I've just seen the message you've written on my wall on the 27th of march when I was away:roftl:

  9. Im fine.. ;) You know.. I was thinking of new thread.. again just for girls, but with a new title and now there are more posters.. :) what ya think? :das:

  10. Hi Roky where are you ?

  11. I'm fiiiiinne!! a little bored... how are you lovely?! :original:

  12. Hey Rox! :D How are ya girl? :das:

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