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  1. ooo love your avatar!! it's so cute i like it :swoon:

  2. haha woah!! that makes him sound old:shocked: btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA!!! have a good one!
  3. WARNING: RANDOM POST:wink2: auzzie thread!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH LUV IT:mf_rosetinted: im from perth
  4. AHHHHHHHHHH!! WOOOOOOOOOH:roftl: sum1 from perth:naughty: good on u guys 4 doing this btw. awesome idea:thumb_yello: i hope it works................... GOOD LUCK!!!!
  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! same! weneva i here bleeding luv i feel like smashing sumthing:mf_rosetinted:
  6. OMFG! i cant believe its taken me sooooo long to find this thread! bless the lot of u im absolutely addicted to queen:mf_rosetinted: R.I.P freddie . true heros never die:tears:
  7. ah ok! thanx. its good to no i havent gone completely crazy:mf_rosetinted:
  8. or has any1 else noticed that instant martya sounds very similar 2 here comes the sun by george harrison?!?!?! i was listening 2 instant martya the other day and my mum started singing the ending:shocked: i was like wtf!! mum u dont no this song do u? and she goes yea it heaps old! anyway plz help....
  9. talents hmmm.......... well i can touch my nose with my tounge and i no the secret 2 licking ur elbow!!! lol i also play piano and im really good at embarrasing myself.
  10. aaaaaaah!! yes finally an auzzie thing, im so proud! hope he wins. im gonna hunt thro the papers, cut out that artical and stick it on my wall (neva anything about him in our papers). off 2 vote! thanx btw
  11. hahahaha im such a noob! i got all excited coz i thought it was AUSTRALIAN anywayz hope he wins:mf_rosetinted:
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