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  1. at every time i go there i find nobody
  2. i don't really like this video; it disappointed me:boxed: buut the first part was great (i imagined myself on the bed with him, lol) wathever it's not big deal i still looove you mika!!!
  3. i think it would be weird if you only cange for somebody... if you like what you became, so keep yourself don't change for people!!!
  4. imen

    Hi =D

    WELCOME!!!! Have a great time!!
  5. poor mika!! come on and i'm gonna make you forget this son of.....
  6. oh yes join me please!!! i've been so mikafied!!
  7. in any case... grey on him is so hooooot!!!
  8. imen

    I like

    OMG they look soooooooo delicious!!!! welcome on the mfc!! have a great time
  9. sooo cool i want the same!!!
  10. welcome on the mfc!!! have a great time here!
  11. i've got relax, take it easy as ringtones and a wallpaper of him too
  12. "nihaw" little young; i don't speak chinese at all but i can say "wa aï mika" am i wrong??lol welcome on the mfc!!
  13. hey tama's fans!! i really want to bye a new one but i'm afraid it fed up me...
  14. hey livia!! welcome on the mfc!! y'a une french thread où tu pourra trouver des francophones et où on parle français! http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1326&highlight=french+thread have a great time on the mfc:wink2: !!
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