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  1. I love your siggie!

  2. same here!!!!!! i was going to order it right there and then, but i dont have a blue ray reader thing! i'm sure it will come out on normal dvd. otherwise we can just go to mika's website and complain. because eeryone knows that mika listens to and cares about his fans deeply!!
  3. i also got that message on facebook!!! you know what that means - IT'S FACEBOOK OFFICIAL!! so it MUST be true! woooooohooooo! i love facebook for keeping me updated on mika!!!
  4. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! no seriously, every day i am like, "how many more days until the dvd comes out??!?!?!?!?"
  5. i always thought it was "i can't talk, like cat in my neck" but that never made much sense to me!!! lol.
  6. can't.......stop......looking.....at the pictures!! must.......go.........to bed! *sigh* i really want to marry mika right now.
  7. I WANT MIKA TO CARRY ME TO MY CAR!!!!!!!! omg i am soooooo jealous right now its not even funny!! lol.
  8. oh. my. god. he looks so sexy! omg omg omg omg words cannot even describe how i feel right now..... omg. i am FREAKING OUT right now. AHHHHHHH!!!! why is he always so good looking?!?!?!?!? he needs to stop that no, i'm just kidding, mika! i love how you are always so sexy and stylin' something to think about - what does "old friends" mean?
  9. AHHH!!! this is making me WAAAAYYYYYY too excited!! i could easily spend all of my money on mika merchandise and not feel bad at all about it. new dvd by the end of 2008?!?!?!?! that would be great!! and a dvd by november?!?!??!?! WOOHOO!!!! i love you, mika!
  10. i see what you're saying about the blogs, although i love to watch them, i seem to fall behind alot. i just can't keep up with the rapid pace of posting! this is the first time i have been on the MFC in like 2 weeks, because i have been so busy!
  11. well first of all i like mika's shirt second of all, any child that mika makes would be GORGEOUS, no matter how ugly the mother... and third, i am going to marry mika so this must not be true!!
  12. M.I.A. !!!!! i like the song paper planes.....
  13. LMAO!! I love reading these!! there are some pretty good ones on here..... i have another to add... "Can't you sit in the back????? BUT MY LEGS ARE LONGER!!!"
  14. there might be a thread for this already, but i thought i would start one where we can list all of our favorite things mika has said!! for example, here are a couple of mine: "What do you do when you're bored waiting in an airport?? You.....play with TOYYYSS!" "We have to hold hands and skip. Because we're going to the zoo!" the quotes can be funny, inspiring, whatever. (as long as they are something that mika said). post away!
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