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  1. Just heard Big Girl You Are Beautiful in a commercial for My Big Fat Fabulous Life in the US. The song was different, more like a choir behind it. So thrilled!
  2. Well we've not seen the GAP underwear in a while. Did not know he's switched to colors, not just gray lol! Surely that's not his nephew??
  3. All these years of watching Mika on youtube, you can't help but pass over videos of Mika Singh. It's like watching his career rise by accident. Surprised to see today that he's a coach for the Voice in India.
  4. What are they talking about with Morgan? Your opinion on the case Morgan? "We are all weak and Morgan is no exception. He is an interesting person exactly because of his limitations".
  5. Thank goodness Mika saved David! Please someone tell me what Mika says about him?
  6. Omg!!! So excited to see. David Thibault!!!!! I know he's imitating Elvis, but he is so talented. I've known about him for about a year. Please someone recap the commentary on him, especially Mika's. Pleeeeeeeaaasssssse.
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