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  1. Happy Birthday



  2. This brings me way back to: "(...) nice manly angles, just square enough, definitely a wallet".
  3. Thanks for your explanation! Because of the reasons you've mentioned, I normally don't take any insurance on concert tickets. So I was suprised that this amount is on my invoice. It might be that I missed a box that I had to 'uncheck', but I can 't remember. Therefore I want to check if anyone else has this amount on their invoice.
  4. It remains surreal that I will soon travel to Bari without seeing the planned Mika concerts... Have partially (ex. service charges/costs) received my refund for the tickets from Ticketone. Even though Deb has indicated that she is 'working' on this, I have also taken a look at the service charges/costs myself. There is an item for 'Assicurazione' (insurance?) on my invoices. I don't remember taking any insurance... It's part of the non-refunded amount. My question is whether everyone has this on their Ticketone invoice?
  5. Thanks a lot! Also for all the other information you've shared on here.
  6. Was wondering exactly the same... I have submitted my application for refund to Ticketone.it and see that I am 40 euros short. So service costs and pre-sale costs are not reimbursed. On the website it says that this depends on the organiser and not Ticketone.it. @dcdeb is there still something to arrange through management of Mika?
  7. Sorry that the Bari gigs have been cancelled along  with all of the others. I live in the area so it's less of a hassle but I imagine it upsets your plans in a serious way.

    Since we were getting close to the date of the Bari gigs, I was planning to write some suggestions about the area. Should you decide to go ahead with your trip to southern Italy, just a few comments.

    When you get to Bari, you can take a train from the airport that gets you to Bari city center in 15 minutes. It costs about 5 euros. Or you can take a small shuttle bus for 4 euros which takes about 30 min to get to the city center (where the train station is); the city bus from the airport costs only about 1 euro but it takes much longer to get to the center.


    From Bari airport you can find coach connections to Matera or you can go to Bari train station and take either a coach or a train to Matera. Alberobello, which is south of Bari, is a popular tourist destination. If you want to go swimming, Monopoli has nice beaches (some are free and others have lidos). 

    Lecce is a pretty city farther south in Puglia with beautiful Baroque churches and a Roman amphitheater.

    Trani is a pretty city on the coast which you can reach by train from Bari.

    To get to Naples from Bari, take a coach (Flixbus, Marino for example) because if you take a train you have to change.It takes only 3 hours.


    Gotta go to work now. If you need more info, let me know.


  8. Hello Susan, I only now see your post on the forum; welcome to MFC! In response to your question of whether any non-Italian fans are coming to Bari... I am from the Netherlands and will hopefully get on a plane in September to see Mika in Bari. I am really looking forward to it! I haven't planned everything yet, but I will probably stay a week and enjoy the surroundings with my mother (besides the concert). So if you have any tips, they are certainly welcome I have already made a note of Matera. And maybe we can meet (with some other fans) before one of the two concert days; after all, we have the luxury of fixed seats, so we don't have to queue for hours.
  9. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! :flowers2:



    1. ~Wicky~


      @silverDank je wel (Thank you)! :hug:

  10. So sorry to hear, big hug to every fan in Boston! Hope you all can still get together and have a good time. Sending all my positive thoughts to Mika; hope he will recover soon (not Mika soon, but really soon).
  11. So happy, got my tickets! Thanks for all the efforts Deb and other MFC-mods!
  12. If someone would like to do that, I would be very happy with that too. Especially on the second evening, Mika talked a lot, but unfortunately I couldn't get any further than understanding a couple of words. Still can't believe I was there both evenings. So overwhelming to hear Mika perform with such an amazing symphony orchestra and choir. Feel so privileged! I have great respect for the way Mika took us through his emotions. The first evening I sat at the last row of the parterre and the second evening I sat on the chaises (thanks again @Isabelle Lagneau ). During that second concert, Mika's music and appearence touched me tremendously. I'm not easily emotional, but the way he put his heart and soul into his performance.... whoah! It was an emotional rollercoaster. I wish every fan the chance to experience an evening like this!
  13. Thanks to @Isabelle Lagneau I've wonderful places so I'm no longer searching for tickets; so happy!
  14. Just send you a private message.
  15. Got the option to put myself on the waiting list just a couple of seconds ago, so I did.
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