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  1. Thank you very much for the recordings Mellody (also for the first 'Cooking with Mika')!
  2. It might be the same Charlotte... There's no further info on Tivoli's website, so I just went googling on Charlotte. It might as well be the Charlotte who was also the support act in Belgium (there has been a French singer as the support act before; Yelle).
  3. The venue has announced the support act for Utrecht: Charlotte (I guess it's this female singer/songwriter from Hull, https://www.iamcharl0tte.com/)
  4. What a beautiful lyrics: so delicate, poetic and full of love I probably have to listen to the song itself a few more times before it comes in completely; the structure is so layered and different from normal song structures, that I have to get used to it. For me the song is about loved ones. I can't place the female hand either. I interpret the text "My name is Michael Holbrook, I was born in 1983" in such a way that a loved one makes you realize that you are good as you are. Sometimes you doubt about the person you are and whether you are good enough; you struggle within yourself. At such a moment you might need someone who accepts you as the person who your are, and thus confirm, that you are allowed to be youselve... in this particular case: Michael Holbrook. I don't know if this makes sense to others, but that's how I interpret it now. Although I, like others, am curious about the original meaning behind this song, I also like this fase where everyone gives his/her own interpretation. Nothing is right or wrong, it's just how a song makes you feel.
  5. Just saw on the Tivoli Vredenburg website, that the show is sold out!
  6. Don't know if you refer to me, but yes I did! 😍
  7. You can buy your tickets over here: https://www.tivolivredenburg.nl/agenda/mika-13-02-2020/ Ticketmaster wasn't working for me either.
  8. Happy Birthday :flowers2:

  9. What a 'luxury problem': really want to make holiday plans for this year, but anxious to miss out a show...
  10. Just heard of the death of David, what a sad news. I know David as a warm and friendly person; he was one of the first persons that welcomed me in person at MFC. Wish his family and friends a lot of strength in these sad days.
  11. Kumazzz thank you so much for all the pics and videos! *Big Hug* Loved the live stream; can't wait to see him live again!
  12. You're right Deb: only made a picture of the poster (but received both the poster and cd). Hope you'll receive your items soon Zel!
  13. I'm over the moon; received both items last Saturday! Thanks again!
  14. So happy to read that I've won! The poster will get a nice place in my house, so I'm always reminded of this project (it makes me aware of how fortunate I am to grow up in a safe and 'warm' environment), the many people who supported it (MFC as a community) and the 'warmness' of Mika as person. We've done an amazing job, just proud to be a part of this lovely community!