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  1. So Mika has a cottage outside of Hastings! Is that where he is when he plays "30 Secondes" on the piano? Or when he's at the seaside with his dogs?
  2. As I wrote in another thread, I sent the link for Bougez to the students and teachers of my French class the very first day QTTFT came out as a way of publicizing Mika’s new album. Regarding these lines of the English version . . . Up to the gates of paradise and god, he said to me Here you're not allowed to dance, you'll rest eternally I turned him down respectfully and said I'd take my chance Cause I would rather be in hell where I can freely dance Don’t know why Mika suggests that God (I’m using the name to refer to the divinity in the Bible) should be seen as rejecting dancing. When the Israelites manage to escape being re-enslaved in Exodus, Moses’s sister leads the women in playing tambourines and dancing, which is regarded as a manifestation of joy in other biblical books as well. For example, in Jesus’s parable, the prodigal son’s return home is celebrated with music and dancing. Back in 2022 the Italian Cosmopolitan published an interview with Mika in which he said, “Se ci fosse un Dio, questo Dio sarebbe amore” (If there were a God, this God would be love). I like this idea of the divinity better than the suggestion that he/He is a killjoy. Perhaps though Mika’s dig in the English lyrics is directed more at organized religion than at a real or imaginary deity. Getting back to the French Bougez, I prefer the humor of the original which jokes that you’re told continually to move for the sake of your health, even in “paradise.”
  3. Thanks @Kumazzz! So glad the reviewer mentioned Mika's latest accomplishments.
  4. I reproduced this article in the UK press thread. Maybe someone can reproduce it here better than me. https://www.redbrick.me/live-review-mika/
  5. Found this review of the Wolverhampton gig. Maybe someone can reproduce the article (and pic) better than me in the gig reviews thread. https://www.redbrick.me/live-review-mika/ ve ReviewMIK Live Review: MIKA Music Editor Hannah Gadd reviews MIKA’s cosmic performance at The Halls in Wolverhampton Hannah Gadd Published at 09:00 on 7 April 2024 Images by @MIKA on Facebook MIKA is back on tour, throwing parties all around the nation with his latest live show. Fans were dressed for the occasion, decked out in sequins, body glitter and bold colours preparing to enter the vivacious world of the Apocalypse Calypso tour. The pop icon burst onto stage in a bright red suit, opening with the huge track ‘Origin Of Love’. MIKA’s energy is instantly infectious as he dances around the stage in front of neon visuals. From one hit to another, ‘Talk About You’ and ‘Lollipop’ follow, MIKA darting around the stage holding a captivating stage presence. During the latter track he divided the crowd in half- his angels and devils as he described us- taking it in turns in singing the song back to him. MIKA is as charming and humorous as ever as he welcomes fans to the show following the breathless string of hits, comically adding the show was late starting as he was stuck in traffic. The show continues with beautiful desert scenery illuminating the venue before the singer re-appears in a gold suit for ‘Feels Like Fire’ and ‘Underwater’, MIKA having the audience transfixed on his sensational vocal ability. An animated neon statue fills the screen as MIKA substitutes his gold suit for an even greater glittery one before kicking into the synthpop track ‘Relax’. This performance felt like it was straight out of the 80s with its bright lights, disco beat and big synths. MIKA’s falsetto does not falter once, his voice remarkably powerful. ‘Yo Yo’ propelled us further into MIKA’s euro-pop daydream, the whole venue dancing to the immense anthem. MIKA’s wardrobe seems endless as he struts back out onto the stage, this time in a hot pink suit. He spends the first verse of ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’ on stage before joining fans for the majority of the song, working his way around the venue, even making his way up to the balcony. Stood by the mixing desk, I wasn’t expecting to come face-to-face with MIKA at any point during the night but there he was in all his pink glory singing with us. One thing that must be said about this tour is that the visuals are phenomenal, with every neon display and animation we are transported into the songs. Despite the venue being too small for the usual set-up, with MIKA’s commanding presence and the neon kaleidoscope which sat behind him, the show was dazzling. ‘Good Guys’ was a perfect example, even when the pace was slowed we never left MIKA’s enthralling world. The smaller venue meant his custom grand piano wouldn’t fit on stage leaving the singer to adapt. Grabbing his piano stool and a mic stand, he hilariously played the air-piano during ‘Billy Brown’, adding ‘some madness needs to stay in Wolverhampton’. Obvious crowd favourite ‘Grace Kelly’ was up next. The performance manifested into a storm of bright colours, immense vocals and unstoppable fun- The Halls was alive and the atmosphere was palpable. ‘Happy Ending’ saw the singer performing the heartfelt track in a pink haze as phone torches raised into the air. A cosmic performance of ‘Love Today’ followed which ended the main set. ‘Any Other World’ brought the singer back on stage for the encore which made for yet another heart-warming moment in the night. A floral backdrop lit up the venue as the gigantic sounds of ‘We Are Golden’ sent the audience into a frenzy of excitement and ended the glorious evening on an electric note. After two hours, eighteen songs and seven outfits, it is clear that MIKA knows how to put on a stellar live performance. The Apocalypse Calypso tour is a magically fun night of astonishing musical talent and I cannot wait to see MIKA live again.
  6. I think this will be a memorable evening for all of you in London! 🤩
  7. I've just seen Mika's latest Instagram post. Love the video with the whole crowd at the Apollo singing and dancing with him! 😍
  8. On mikafanclubtoo it sounds like the audience is enjoying singing along with Mika during the songs
  9. When I saw "Wo. . .r", I thought it was Wolverhampton abbreviated! And I thought "M. .x" stood for Manchester. 😄
  10. I see four jackets and the preceding hangers are holding matching trousers but what are the garments at the opposite end?
  11. Perhaps Mika will include French songs in London since the audience will be more international.
  12. Hi @Josephine! I live in Italy. Glad you decided to join the Forum. As a musician you might also particularly enjoy Mika's soundtrack for "Tehu et Zodi" 😊
  13. I just found out that "budgie" is a short form of "budgerigar" ( a bird), which is Australian in origin, so I think there's no link there. I think Mika himself refers to the firebird being freed but perhaps there are other meanings I'm not aware of. I have the impression that the composer Stravinsky is Mika's inspiration. He composed the music both for "The Firebird" - which is based on a Russian folk tale from what I read - and "The Rite of Spring", the name of Mika's previous tour.
  14. As for Italy in July . . . The Lucca Summer Festival website says this: "General sale lunedi’ 4 dicembre ore 10:00 L’ARTISTA LIBANESE PRESENTERA’ LE SUE HITS E I BRANI DEL NUOVO ATTESISSIMO ALBUM USCITO OGGI" (The Lebanese artist will present his hits and songs from his new long-awaited album released today) I hope Mika sticks to his original plan. If I'm not mistaken, he sang "Elle me dit" in Matera.
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