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  1. Oh I had to come in here and post because its the only place my excitement will be understood and appreciated. I finally heard it played on the radio. I nearly crashed my car Sounded fantastic!
  2. Having God on his knees makes no sense! Having super knees doesn't really change the way you run, your would need God in your quads or hamstrings. Not that I am an expert on God or running, but I do have sweet knees. I just watched again and about 3/4s of the way through you can read his lips, he definitely makes a BL shape with his mough. It just fits, you were down with skinned knees but you are up running anyway.
  3. Wow I love it I love the line 'running with blood on our knees' that's me for sure
  4. There will be no stopping you now!

  5. Went and looked up that movie on imdb.... Then was looking at who was in it, cos it's always interesting to see what people have done, but you wouldn't believe the places that led me across the net:fisch:

  6. :sneaky2: Yeah, funny.


    It would never occur to me to watch something like that. My hubby would disapprove.

  7. I watched the movie "Zack and Miri make a Porno". Which is funny but quite explicit, and they were talking about them.


    PMSL @ you looking it up and almost getting caught!!!!

  8. Hmmm, I started looking up that "thing I shouldn't know about". The website started talking to me, and my husband, son and MIL were all in the next room! I don't think they heard, but my heart was in my mouth. What I want to know is.... how did you hear about them?:das:

  9. You could have come around. Mouselle was here. We could have had a mini reunion. Next time you are in my town you have to let me know!

  10. Did a huge christmas shop in Fyshwick yesterday and thought of you!


    My parents are here at the moment, leaving tomorrow morning, I will have to give you a call!

  11. Missing you.... How's it going?

  12. So cute, all of them! Here is my new kitten Jasper (he is a burmese)... Here is our bunny, Shredder (because he shreds everything and ate the buttons off the austar remote)... We also have two guinea pigs, Minty and Chyanna. A goldfish named Goldie (and some other nameless goldfish in an outdoor pond) Two chickens named blackie and flower-rose, and a white Duck named Elizabeth. I had a jack russle named Lou Lou, but she lives with my mum now to keep her Maltese Bella company after her Papillion Tamara died.
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