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  1. Huh, ik had niet gedacht dat dit, bijna 10 jaar na mijn eerste post in deze thread, nog steeds de meest recente Dutch thread zou zijn. 😂 Anyway, ik kom over een jaar of vijf wel weer eens langs.
  2. While the HMH officially doesn't allow digital cameras, I've never had any problems with getting mine in. As long as it's not a professional camera, they tend to just let you take it inside. (That said, it's been a while since I've been there, so who knows. But I've never actually seen them confiscate any cameras.)
  3. My email said Mika. (Although I'd be cool with Keane too. ) But I just checked my other email (I'd entered again last minute on Tuesday morning) - and no meet and greet possibility was mentioned at all. So maybe they'd already notified the winner of the meet and greet earlier?
  4. Hmmm, that's odd. I didn't get a response either. When did you get that email, smokesignal?
  5. For those who won, did anyone get a response to the email you had to send to confirm your tickets? (I'm guessing they didn't bother with replies to these emails, but I'd just like to be sure.^^)
  6. Hmm, dat is wel vaag. En super irritant. Maar gelukkig heb je je kaartje!
  7. Heb ik ook vaak (nu ook), dan kun je (bij ING tenminste) klikken op 'geen tancode ontvangen' en dan bellen ze je met je code. Yup, per kaartje heb je een lidmaatschap nodig.
  8. Ja, daar kwam ik ook achter toen ik de code had ingevuld. Zouden veel mensen hun bonnetje nog wel bewaard hebben?
  9. Ja, uit Hamburg terug, volgende week Parijs. ^^ Had helemaal niet over de bon nagedacht, en die ligt nu dus in de prullenbak in de winkel.
  10. This would be awesome. I need to go out and buy some of this stuff that I never use though... XD