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  1. ohhh... ive been gone for a long time.. i think i might need to take a break from the mfc.. I'm in genetics class now and it's painfully boring today. haha but the year is almost over and i'm alarmed by graduation and the thought of never being a college student again!! AHH! well and i guess reality too...
  2. speaking of movies! i saw stop loss today... probably one of the saddest movies ive seen in a long time. and not the heart warming kind of sad but the heart breaking kind. but a really great movie... i was pretty much speechless after the movie and sat in the car with my friend in silence hahah
  3. oh no!!! that's horrible!!! I'm glad it's over now though
  4. oh, it's okay... ive just had a hard few days and past week or so... ='[ spring break was 2 weeks ago and it feels like ages... haha
  5. i think it's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. at times like these i wish i was an obstetrician already...
  6. my brain hurts ='[ i. need. weekend.
  7. can i also just add that the chasing pavements video is beautifully directed... the dancing people on the ground are so touching.
  8. i've got more than those 3... I dont remember what's on her page but you can have any you want haha
  9. yep! and she's from nyc too i think! i have a generous handful of her songs if you'd like them.
  10. she's not as well known as i thought she was i guess... I know her myspace account was hacked so she has a temporary one up: "the way I am" is the best known one i think...
  11. OMG go see it!!! simon pegg is pure genius! I saw them one after the other on friday and saturday and I have never wanted to be in London so badly... penelope has such beautiful scenes of it.
  12. Anyone? I'm starting to love her music...
  13. i didn't see 21 but it didn't look like my kind of movie... i saw penelope though. it was SO CUTE! and run fatboy run which was hilarious!