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  1. I haven't been heer for ages, mostly because of health problems, but I had to look for reviews of yesterdays gig. I'm a very spoiled girl, having seen U2 and Mika in nearly two weeks. It was such a great gig yesterday, it gave me lots of energy and made me so so happy to be a Mika fan! I took my mum with me and she was blown away by his voice and energy. There was no chance for me to wait for him outside because I was running out of oxygen (oh how I hate those failing, lazy lungs!!!) but it still was a great night which will be remembered for long long times!
  2. Just in case you are able to log in - Happy Birthday, Anouk :huglove:

  3. Happy birthday:yay:

  4. Hi Happy Birthday! ;)

  5. Hee zussie!


    Lang lang geleden zeg, jammer dat je niet online bent. Nu moet ik niets zeggen want ik ben er nooit, ik geloof dat ik ergens in mei nog eens ingelogd heb maar verder niet meer. Slecht he, maarja, vriendje vindt t vast niet zo gezellig als ik de hele avond achter de laptop zit (hoewel vandaag al de hele dag voetbal aanstaat dan mag ik ook wel even he???)

    Alles goed met je? Ik doe mn best wat vaker online te zijn, dan zie ik je vast wel weer eens!


    Liefs van Anouk!

  6. Hi Anouk :huglove: Hope you are feeling better today. I hate it when they make you wait a long time for appointments, I had to wait 4 months for my first myasthenia clinic (February) and now my second appointment isn't until July!! But I suppose it means that if there is a wait, they can't be too worried about you or they would see you really quickly :dunno:

  7. My message was too long, so now it are two messages. You have to read the one starting with Hi first, otherwise you can't follow it I guess:wink2:

    Hope you're doing fine. I'm off now, dreaming some sweet dreams I hope! See you soon!! :huglove::bye:

  8. When I heard that I had to wait such a long time on the first appointment I was a bit irritated. It's a very demanding time, it's all so insecure and now we have to wait so long again....My head is filled with thoughts I really don't want to have, am crying a lot too these days.... But I'll try to make the best out of it and I'll keep on fighting.... Tomorrow I'll have to try a new medicine for the CVID, I'll keep you posted. Now I'm off, I'm tired!!


  9. Hi! Great idea, helping each other through the Fridaynight in the Mikagasmics :das:. When we can't be in Amsterdam we have to find a way to forget it, and that's a great way I think :naughty:


    I don't have any news about a transplant. Before going through the screening (they do it to check if your body's strong enough, if there are no other important complications or problems that can be a NO against transplantation) they want to check my liver first. It has already caused some problems in the past, and maybe they'll soon find out that it's not possible to go through a transplantation. In that case I won't go through the heavy screening procedure cause they then already know that my liver is too bad. So it's all depending on the condition of my liver. I have to wait for over 1,5 month to see that consultant, so that's 'not so nice'.

  10. :huglove: Well I am not going to Amsterdam either so we can keep each other company on Friday night. Perhaps a visit to the Mikagasmics :das:. Sorry to hear you are not too good, is there any news about a transplant?
  11. Oh ... I'm so so sorry .... :tears: I'm sad you can't be there ... would have been lovely to see you ... you just take care of yourself and get better and get home soon :huglove::flowers2:

  12. Hi dear,

    How's life? I have to tell you a very bad thing: We won't meet each other this Friday, I am staying where I am; in hospital:sneaky2::sneaky2:

    How bad is that? There is a very small chance that I'm home, but even in that case I won't be able to come to the gig. I hate it, I really do!!! I was sooooo looking forward to it, and now everything sucks because of that stupid lungs. Hate them, they ruin everything!!!

    Hope you'll have a great evening, enjoy the gig double, for me :wink2::thumb_yello:

  13. Hi dear, I'm back. Bored to the bone, nothing to do and no one home in the dutch thread. They've got better things to do (like going to gigs:sneaky2:). I won't make it this Friday, how bad is that? I was so looking forward to it, but now I won't make it. It's the 3d time that I'll miss him, against seeing a gig twice. Bad score I think:sneaky2:

    Got an awful day, am worrying too much about everything and it makes me down and upset. It's all deteriorating so fast now and nothing seems to help to stop that stupid process.... Blehhhh, I hate the world today...:sneaky2: Sorry for being so down, but can't help it. Hope you've had a better day:wink2:

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