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  1. Hi Paloma hope you are improving and will be fully recovered soon! I know it may take time just keep positive. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_MsjPh-5Pr3s/THdQGZr-vII/AAAAAAAADZQ/DwrEc4r2Sx4/s640/smile.jpg
  2. Paloma, so happy to hear you are going to recover, may it be a successful recovery and may you find strength from your family, they are an amazing family! We love you! xx
  3. This terrible news has really made me draw back and look at life for what it is-LIFE! What a gift it is to be alive each day. Paloma may be very injured but she is alive. Keep praying people God has healed many, may he heal Paloma too. My words are simple. Please get well soon...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  5. I'm deleting some messages off it now xx

  6. i cant post you a private message, your inbox is 100% full haha


  7. Wow Mika and Lady Gaga sing for The Queen what a joy it will be for them! They deserve it as they're so talented!
  8. That website was unbelievably cruel they don't know a talented guy when they see one! What nasty people!
  9. Edward Cullen of course! And I like Bart Simpson's spunky personality.
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