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    Mika Obsessive

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    Well,I haven't got a job....x3
  1. Hey Grace!

    How are ya? ♥ ♥

    Well...doesn't look like

    you're here very often,are you?

    :) =)


    Send me a message.


    Bye! LYSM! ♥


    ◘ ◘ ◘


    Respect and Peace.

  2. a nightmare? doesn't sound good.. My dream was sooo brilliant, but there were two guys, who called Tim & Nico.. Oo Well,ok,when i waked up, i was a bit confused..
  3. Ich bin daaa! *muhahaha* xD @ Kredda: Bist du im DMFC? :shock:
  4. I love that pic! Done, keti & xhurtfulpurplex ;D
  5. Arrrw...! Oh, im now sooo obsessed of him! Honestly! I'm dreaming of him.. at night and day !
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