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  1. Same. I just saw Marina & The Diamonds last night and she was really good. :pinkbow:

  2. I have been good :D how about you?

  3. Oh my god, how've you been?! I haven't seen you in forever. :huglove:

  4. Wendi why did you leave?!

  5. hahah I love that interview!! a classic Mika moment.
  6. ahahaha love this thread!!! btw in those pics it looks like he has a bit of a wedgie in the third or fourth one, not that Im complaining, I like seeing a bit of cheek
  7. Oh dear lord, just saw your post on my profile.


    and yes. A cold shower with a lovely multi setting showerhead might be neccessary :P

    that neck is so very biteable/lickable.

  8. Have you seen this? You may find yourself needing a cold shower...



  9. I'm doing great actually! The ankle is all healed up, and I am getting into my summer vacation. The semester was pretty good as far as grades so I'm happy I made it through chemistry!! How are you guys? thats too funny!! and it definetly is mikagasmic!
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