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  1. Federico dressed in a tinfoil suit :confused: ? Nah, too camp :rolls_eyes: ...


    He looks much better in his Santa outfit :swoon: .





  2. Of course I won't :rolls_eyes: ! Age, like size, isn't important :wink2: .


    Two teenage kids :shocked: ? OMG ! Good luck, you must need it :naughty: ...





  3. So what :rolls_eyes: ! Ok, if you are that bourgeois, will you let me be your little bit on the side ? Cheers, Id3
  4. Sire has replied to a post of mine on the forum... I wrote " Good Morning, His Royal Lateness! :bye:" and he wrote "Morning" on Twitter. He must be psychic, 'cause he doesn't read the forum, does he. If he did, some people should be a bit ashamed about something... Methinks.

    Sorry, I'm just having a fangurl moment. :rolls_eyes: I promise it won't happen again. :puppy_eyes:

  5. "balding head", sounds like my hubby's description! (lol) I hope you won't be disapointed that the damsel crazyaboutmika is 42 and has a hubby and two teenagers! (girl 16: she made my signature fo me! and boy 14 who was the creator of Mikamikaze!) They both hear wag a lot because they're on holidays and I listen to it and watch the vid all the time! Thanks for being my new MFC friend!:)

  6. Oh dear ! Was that the right smilie ? No, of course I don't, I only insult people who insult others, and Federico wouldn't, would he ? Actually his own post was a fine example of self derision, which I practise a lot and still can appreciate in others. F and I are soulmates, AC ... And sorry, you've lost me here : 'keep insulting' ? Can you give me one example of an insulting post I have put in the forum re Federico -apart from this one, which you misunderstood ? Incidentally, he is a big boy, quite capable of defending himself, by doing it you are babying him, which I would find insulting . Cheers, Id3
  7. Then ask your lover to be a wee little bit unfaithful, just the once : 'Lucky in games, unlucky in love', is there such a saying in English ? Cheers, Id3
  8. I call Sire The Mastah of the balding head :wink2: ...


    Happy to be your MFC friend :wub2: !





  9. ok, I look at your groups and Sire is you like Mika I get it, but I believe Mika is more into creation than business, don't you? By the way, some call him the god of the curly hair!

  10. Hi! Have a Mikawesome day!

  11. No, you have a twisted mind :devil: , I am a good boy :angel_not: , that's all...





  12. He was phoning an agency to find a nanny for his kids and you most rudely interrupted, what else did you expect ! Cheers, Id3
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