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  1. Just in case you drop in - Happy Birthday



  2. Happy birthday, my dear! :huglove:



  3. Thank you for the clarification... a lot of things get lost in translation... it feels good to know that ti was not malicious.. thanks again..
  4. Am so glad you enjoyed your short trip to Lebanon... I guess you are right, different cultures + different sense of humour... nothing personal Thanks for the explanation... I guess it is similar everywhere when you hit people with tomatoes in Lebanon means you want them off the stage... pillow fight on the other hand is just being playful and having fun... Yeah, I didn't get the big asses part either... maybe in japan it's a good thing... I like the new trend... let's hope the cushions/pillows are well stuffed with feathers... that can easily take over Mika's confetti finale
  5. Many thanks, it feels good to know that fans all the way from Japan came to Lebanon for the gig.. I went through the blog, doesn't look like they think very highly of Lebanese people - blog filled with jokes about Lebanese people.. I am hoping it's simply "Japanese humour" - that I simply didn't get...
  6. Pictures from the gig http://s765.photobucket.com/albums/xx299/cheshirecatfotos/Mika%20in%20Baalbeck/?start=all
  7. I just uploaded two more videos.. very small ones.. horrible quality.. but might interest some.. please remember, I used my mobile phone.. so the quality is bad... lower your expectations Mika joking about his grandmother: Relax:
  8. Hello evrybody! I hope you enjoyed the live feed of the gig.. it was so much fun... one of the best gigs ever! as I said before, I didnt have a camera on me so everything i took was with my horrible mobile phone camera.. so the quality is horrible.. and you will need to use your imagination.. Sorry to hear that Enigma froze.. I knew how the weather is going to be and had extra jacket on me.. but the weather was beautiful.. the set fantastic.. so much effort is made to make it look amazing.. the overall crowd had so many diverse ages and social groups... all had one thing in common their love of music and partying.. and they proved it to Mika.. the only difference is that not everybody knew all the lyrics word for word (which is more common in Europe)... but everyone shook their hips and jumped up and down... of course, like in every gig, there will be those off teenage girls and boys that invade the stage and try to hug mika... but the overall crowd was civilized and genuinely enjoyed their time.. the location is magical.. I have seen a concert there before.. .it it always gives me goose bumps to be in the middle of a magical Roman temple with thousands of people enjoying music.. Mr Penniman had so much energy.. he was friendly and at ease... big smile at all times... very theatrical as usual... I sensed a great vibe from the whole band.. like they are a bunch of friends performing.. . His voice was great.. too bad my video doesn't give it justice... For a Lebanese, it sure made me proud as he mentioned it several times how proud he is.. .and jokingly explained how weak is his arabic.. although it wasn't at all.. and I was very impressed with his vocab ... though his accent is that of an English man The show was entertaining.. he was very energetic.. .like he drank a dozen of red bulls... over my shoulder was amazing.. his voice intact.. and the whole crowd froze in amazement... he dedicated it to us... and told us that he always wanted to sing it in Lebanon since he wrote it at the age of 15.. . We are Golden started the craziness... this is when the whole crowd took the seat cushions out and started throwing them in the air... it sort of reminded me of my graduation day when we all threw our hats ... Mika was pleasantly surprised and even started reciprocating by throwing a bunch of cushions back at the crowd .. this stayed till the end... when he left and the stage invasion started... I was exhausted and had to leave immediately... saw John the manager and said hello.. he was the same gentleman as always.. saw the cameraman... as always taking footage of the event... I have some low resolution pictures that are really bad.. but if you want I can upload... will also share the videos.. though I only took 2 since i didnt have a good camera and didnt want to waste it looking into a lense instead of jumping up and down xxx
  9. ciao, just want to leave a special greeting for you here! i was wondering where you were, but i supposed it was lebanon. i hope everything goes well with you. i'm happy to see your mika love hasn't vanished... love and hugs!

  10. Hello!!! Did you make it to Baalbek???

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