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  1. Thanks. I've been trying. I know that it opens up a whole new world for him. And I still have my other friends to go back to when school starts again.
  2. I feel like a huge part of my life is gone. My best friend who is like my older brother just graduated and is moving to Florida soon. So I'll be 20 hours away from him. And then LOST ended. Six years of dedication is over.
  3. I feel happy that I had a good evening but not ready to go to bed even though I should.
  4. Merry Mika to you and a Mikaful year!:huglove:

  5. Does anybody know which interview he talks specifically about Love Today in? I know there is one in which he explains the whole song and talks about Carolina.
  6. Wonka! How are you doing? I haven't been here in so long!
  7. I feel very happy because I just spent the last hour talking to my new favourite person (who doesn't have a belly button!)
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