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  1. So nice! Thank you Mika. I cannot go but I hope you will all enjoy the show.
  2. My first attempt... A peony made with tissues. 4 tissues of 3 layers. Really easy to make but fragile.
  3. Bonjour à tous. Je vous souhaite une très belle année Mikaesque. Prenez soin de vous.
  4. New song tonight for the crocodile in Mask Singer Sounds like him 😁
  5. Bonne Anniversaire :flowers2:

    1. Paoletta


      Bonne Anniversaire :yay:

  6. I think it is a mistake even if Mika answered nothing... Another mistake from the interview about I ❤ Beirut is that the presenter said " you have made the show in your backyard" 😮😮😮
  7. I would have love him to be in Reims. I live there 😄 At the end of the show Mika said that he loves champagne of course 🤣
  8. I listen to the entire show on Champagne FM. Nothing really interesting ... Except that Mika is in a recording studio in Italy 😁 He was asked about the meeting with Soprano and the genesis of "Le coeur holyday". If he is proud of Kendji's carreer. He talked about I love Beirut show. And the presenter told him "Elle me dit" was the single people chose for today show. A podcast will be available on their website but not yet I am really gutted because they asked listeners to send questions for Mika last week. They only took 1 listener.... for the Soprano's question . 😥
  9. Mika will be in La Foire de Chalons (Chalons en Champagne) in France. No date for the moment. (Between August 28th and September 7th) It is news from our local radio: Champagne FM. https://www.champagnefm.com/news/decouvrez-les-premiers-artistes-invites-de-la-foire-de-chalons-50798
  10. Help!!! For the pre_sales tickets, do I need to go to Mikasounds / Shows to book them??? For the moment I only have an error message 😣
  11. Hello Do you know if there is a fan action for this gig?
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