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  1. NuttyGummy

    Say Something Random Part 11!!!

    ::sigh:: mood rings.
  2. NuttyGummy

    What made you laugh today?

    There is a picture of a man dressed as a unicorn on the Ellen page. I laughed for at least a minute......I'm still laughing actually.
  3. NuttyGummy

    Current Obsession

    The Harry Potter movies. I can't wait to see the new one.
  4. NuttyGummy

    Current Obsession

    I love the A&E version of this movie. And the book of course too.
  5. Well, as long as you pop in every now and again. There's not much happening until the July appearances, anyway :bye:

  6. Blame it on all the works you have to do :mf_rosetinted:

    you're welcome :biggrin2::huglove:

  7. NuttyGummy

    Say Something Random Part 11!!!

    Lucky, I wished I lived closer to my extended family . . . some days. haha, had a few of those. My biggest problem is family tagging me in pictures of myself that I really hate. Those are a big UNTAG followed by me begging them to take the picture down.
  8. NuttyGummy

    Current Obsession

    'Confessions of an ugly stepsister' is on my reading list! I'm just waiting for my sister to finish reading it. I want to get through his other books too but the above is the only one I have in my possession at the moment. My current obsession at the moment is the band 'Abandon Kansas' Most specifically their newest CD. 'Ad Astra Per Aspera'
  9. NuttyGummy

    Say Something Random Part 11!!!

    I never had that problem with myspace. Maybe it's too easy to find people on facebook? Only a few of my extended relatives comment of every single one of my status'. And usually it's because they haven't figured out how to update their own status yet. I don't mind though, they're just trying to stay connected with the side of the family they never get see.
  10. NuttyGummy

    Say Something Random Part 11!!!

    Things always go well, until they're not . . .
  11. NuttyGummy

    How do you feel right now? part 4

    A little sad. My weekend is about to end.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I didn't see it until today. I don't get online much these days. :-(

  13. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I don't get online much these days. :-(