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  1. :woot_jump: OMG! The concert last night was A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!! It was my first Mika concert and WOW! Words can't do it justice! He is unbelieveable live!!!!! Loved every single minute of it!!! I got to touch his shoulder!!!!!!!!! :shocked: :woot_jump: :woot_jump:
  2. Thank u and thanks everybody, I feel very welcome now.
  3. Hey if anyone's interested here's my Mika BEBO page: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=5878663278
  4. Wooooohoooooooow! Go Ireland! 6 Nations, yeah baby yeah!!
  5. Ha ha your right there! Hopefully I will P.S. Sarah Lollipop I loooooove The Killers 2, they rock!
  6. Don't forget to visit the Irish thread :bye:

  7. I know, it's madness. I happened across this page only yesterday. For some reason I hadn't seen it before
  8. Thanks very much everyone, nice 2 meet u all. I've been a Mika fan since I guess the start. I first saw him when he first appeared on Jools Holland and he sung Grace Kelly acoustic version. Me and my brother where totally blow away by it. I had never heard anything like it. Then I bought the single when it came out and then the album. I was amazed that I loved every single song on the album. It totally rocked! I can't wait 4 the next album!!!
  9. Hi Mika fans! I'm Nikita, I'm from Ireland and I just wanted to say hi to you all.
  10. Cool, you've been a great help! xxxxxxxxxx:wink2:
  11. Cooooooooool! Thanks very much:thumb_yello:
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