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  1. Tu Style 31 Mar 2020 pressreader https://pressreader.com/article/282918092560286 CHE FAME, ANDIAMO SU INSTAGRAM Recluso ad Atene, Mika lancia via IG #CookingWithMika. Si cucina, si ascolta musica e si parlano tre lingue: italiano, francese, inglese. Quando? Scoprilo sul suo profilo. Gli chef di Italia Keeps on Cooking, invece, propongono videoricette facili da fare a casa e mettono in vendita i grembiuli “griffati”: una campagna benefica a favore dell’ospedale Sacco di Milano. page 69
  2. 2019 11th July Mika cooks Barbecue at his Tuscany place.
  3. 2015 Marminton Mika et la cuisine Mika talks about cooking in this interview, mentions an American chef Charlie_Trotter
  4. 2016 Casa Mika Mika cooks Tomato Salad for Monica Belucci !
  5. 2016 Les Mondes de Mika - Envoyé Spécial Mika cooks Pumpkin soup at his place in London. PUMPKIN_Les Mondes de Mika - Reportage Envoyé Spécial.mp4 Original video
  6. 2015 21st February « 50 mn Inside » – Mika, escapade à Montréal Mika cooks chateaubriand steak at Garou's restaurant in Montreal. VIDEO links VK https://vk.com/video232312753_171153928 Translation in English by @crazyaboutmika This is an exclusivity: Mika invited us to follow him backstage in a big magic and philarmonic concert in Montreal. Meanwhile preparing his album to be released in spring and also being each week a very dedicated judge in The Voice at the same time, discover intimate Mika. Montreal in Quebec last week, temperature is around minus 15 degrees centigrades, in the symphonic orchestra building , the musicians are getting their intruments ready to play together, they are waiting for their guest , who will sing with them for the very first time tonight. Mika: "I'm late". Already late!" Mika has already spent several days in Montreal rehearsing with the 105 musicians of the orchestra . He is going to give three exceptional concerts in this concert hall that can hold an audience of 2000 people , one of the most well known in the world. Time has come for the very last rehearsals. Mika and Simon Leclerc, the conductor, made together arrangements of his songs,so the orchestra could play them. Singing here is a true challenge, the building leaves no room for errors, Mika:"The acoustician (he also took care of a similar place in Tokyo) which means a finger snap on stage can be heard to the furthest part of the room by the security exit and "the paradise" (higher parts of the room). It's amazing! It's fabulous!" A new challenge for Mika, this singer with so many facets, we follow him now in Montreal. A few hours before his concerts, Mika is taking a Montreal tour. Mika: "I can't see you because there's an animal trying to get into my mouth as I'm talking to you. It's fake fur of course. " Montreal is a town the singer knows well. He came to Montreal seven years ago and has been returning regularly since then in order to sing on stage or record albums, but tonight's event started out a bit by chance. A year and a half ago, one of Mika's Canadian friends who is a journalist suggested this idea to him after a concert. She told me: "I saw you playing piano, why don't you do something totally classic, with a symphony?" and I said : "Yes, why not, some day, yes" and I asked her if she knew someone at the symphony and she said:"no", so I asked her how she would get in touch with them and she said she would find them in the yellow pages, and that's exactly what she did. Then four months later she called me and said they agreed to the project and now here we are. On this particular day Mika takes some time to go high to be able to enjoy a view of Montreal. It's the first time he sees Montreal under the snow from so high. Mika: "Nice view, it's not bad, it's so flat!" Mika lives in London. Before his stay in to Montreal, he was in Los Angeles to get his new album ready, then he's off to New York and after that to Paris for The Voice , and he will soon tour all around the world for new concerts. Mika is 31 and he is a true nomad. Mika: "I'm a bit like a gypsy. In a way I don't mind but that's because I travel a lot but with my friends and my family. I have this priviledge to feel at home everywhere I am. So right now I don't mind. But I don't have any children, so my life isn't traditional in that way at home, so for now it gives me freedom, but if it changes some day, well it will change, but now it's going well. " The singer wants to visit a special place he heard a lot about. Mika: "We are going to Garou's" Garou is one of the owners of this inn, which was opened in 1754 , so one of the oldest of North America. After being totally refurbished it has become one of the most famous restaurants in Montreal. Garou is not there on that day, but the chief Emily Rizeto invites Mika to follow her into the kitchen. Mika:"Good evening." Mika: "Do I cook? Yes I love cooking?" Chief: "Yeah! Can you cook anything?" Mika: "Yes! Anything!" Chief:"So I'm gonna make you work a bit!" Mika:" Yeah!" Chief; "Here we go!" Mika is going to help the chief cook his lunch (Chateaubriand -big slice of beef-with a mix of vegetables) Mika:"The surgeon gloves are not very sexy! Am I doing this well?" Chief: "Yeah!" Mika: "Those are big slices aren't they?" Chief: "The red one is for meat." Mika:"If someone had told me I was going to cook in Garou's restaurant....he's in Paris and he's watching me from there! " Mika: "Done! This is how to do it." Chief: "It's delicious!" MIKA:"In Italian!" But good food is not the only asset of this place. On the top floor, a stange place is hidden, at the end of these steep and dark stairs. Mika:"It's like in an old western! Do we continue?" Mika: "Waoh!" An attic filled with old pianos! Mika:"This one is not in a good shape!" Mika:"That's so cool! What a good idea! The pianos cementery! The piano, Mika's good luck instrument. It is with a piano that he discovered music. Michael Hollbrook Penniman started playing the piano as a chid when he was six in Paris where he lives with his family. By a twist of fate this particular piano will follow him in London when the family has to move very fast there when Mika is ten. Mika:" We had to leave Paris in very difficult circumstances. We had lost everything. One of the only things that followed us in the move from Paris to London was that piano because the bailiffs didn't take it because it has no value. And this is the piano on which I composed almost all of my first and second albums." Today, the little boy who played the piano has become a singer and a star with ten million albums sold. A star who is about to take a big risk tonight by singing on one of the most well known concert hall in the world. 2000 people came to listen to him. Mika: "I feel a bit nervous, I feel out of control, I know I can not do a single mistake in this context, there's no security net , if I fall I can't hide , I can't dance, there are no lights, no staging, there's nothing." Tonight it won' t be an extravagant, colorful gig as he's used to , but acoustic music. Mika:"Good evening." And Mika's bet is a total success, this classical orchestra plays his pop music, as for example, his newest single, Boum Boum Boum which tells the story of a couple making love. After an hour and a half of concert, Mika seems reassured. Mika:"It was nice." Journalist: "How do you feel?" Mika: "Electrified." On this particular night the audience was so lucky as they heard four new songs of Mika's coming album which he is currently finishing.
  7. 2007 12th April ON LIVE MILANO Making Pizza Margherita in Milan VK video 2007.04.12 ON LIVE MILANO Part - 1 Part - 2 Part - 3 Part - 4 Part - 5 Part - 6 Part - 7 Part - 8
  8. Welcome to the MFC @Anaïs_ We have concert report threads, could you post something ( reports, photos and videos ) to these threads ? Have fun at here ! 2016 2020
  9. 2019 25th April Mika cooks Chicken Fricassee
  10. @Anaïs_ Welcome to the MFC Please introduce yourself at Introductions Be sure to say your hello and howdy in here first! We love to hear how new Mika fans discovered Mika! Here is the thread NBC [ Late Night with Seth Meyers ] 11 Spt. 2019
  11. 2020 The 1st of January Mika cooks "Kafta"
  12. 2019 13th August Cooking for Yasmine's Birthday Dinner
  13. 2019 6th August at his Tuscany home. Michael Holbrook Penniman Senior cooking.
  14. @TinyLove_CJ Sunday Brunch video links VK 2012.10.14_Sunday-Brunch Full-version a short CLIP by Channel 4 : Cooking part : YouTube Cooking part : Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvflmu_2012-10-14-mika-s-cooking-show_lifestyle Interview : Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvfkny_2012-10-14-mika-brunch-interview_lifestyle "Celebrate" : Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvfm8f_2012-10-14-mika-celebrate-at-brunch_music
  15. Chi 2020-03-25 🔻PDF file ( one page / 229 KB ) 2020-03-25_Chi.pdf page 43, A TUTTO RELAX MA SEMPRE GLAMOUR MIKA Si mostra con un jeans e una T-shirt. Funziona come il suo messaggio social: «Anche ora, a casa, è importante rimane- re positivi e anche creativi». ALL RELAX BUT ALWAYS GLAMOR MIKA It is shown with jeans and a T-shirt. It works like its social message: «Even now, at home, it is important to remain positive and also creative».
  16. 2015 MFC thread [ Vivement Dimanche ] 13 Septembre, 2015 France2 Mika and Michel Drucker cook Lebanese dishes.
  17. 2012 MFC thread 2012 -- Mika @ Paul de Leeuw Christmas Special Mika and Paul cook stuffed chickens ! VIDEO links The whole show http://www.metacafe.com/watch/9602385/2012_12_20_mika_paul/ YouTube Opening Jingle Bells battle Sound of Music medley Chritmas Songs Love You When I'm Drunk Songbird Underwater Last Christmas All I Want For Christmas Dessert XL
  18. 2019 MFC thread 2019 Mika on Saturday Kitchen BBC1 UK Video links VK 2019.10.05 English Kitchen Live YouTube 2019.10.05 Mika @ Saturday Kitchen
  19. 2012 MFC thread Sunday Brunch Channel 4, Oct. 14, 2012 video links VK 2012.10.14_Sunday-Brunch Full-version Dailymotion Cooking part 2012-10-14-mika-s-cooking-show Interview 2012-10-14-mika-brunch-interview "Celebrate" 2012-10-14-mika-celebrate-at-brunch Nasu dengaku Grilled aubergine is dressed with sweet miso sauce and served with a fresh and fiery noodle salad in this Japanese-inspired dish from Simon Rimmer recipe Serves 4 Ingredients 2 aubergines, halved lengthways 1 tsp sesame oil 1 tbsp mirin 1 tbsp sake 2 tbsp miso 3 tbsp caster sugar For the salad 200g cooked thin rice noodles 1 tbsp cashew nuts, roasted 12 radishes, sliced 8 spring onions, sliced Handful of beansprouts Handful each of chopped coriander, mint, basil For the salad dressing 2 cloves garlic Stems from 2 bunches of coriander 6 small green chillies 1 tbsp palm sugar 3 shallots, finely chopped Juice of 3 limes Pinch of salt 2 sticks of lemongrass Method Brush the aubergines with sesame oil, season and grill for about 5 minutes until soft. In a saucepan boil the mirin and sake for 3 minutes. Reduce the heat, add the miso and sugar, and simmer for a further 5 minutes until thickened. Brush the sauce onto the aubergines and grill for another 2 minutes. Blend all the salad dressing ingredients together until smooth then toss with the salad ingredients. Divide the salad between serving plates and serve half an aubergine on top of each.
  20. clicanoo.re Le Sakifo reporté Prévue initialement le week-end du 29 au 31 mais prochain, la 17ème édition du Sakifo Musik Festival se tiendra les 11, 12 et 13 septembre avec, les organisateurs l'espèrent la même programmation. « Difficile de prendre la parole en ce moment, de parler de nous alors que la priorité c'est notre santé à tous. » Tels sont les premiers mots du communiqué envoyé hier par l'équipe du festival Sakifo pour annoncer le report de l'évènement saint-pierrois. La 17ème édition qui devait se dérouler du 29 au 31 mai se tiendra les 11, 12 et 13 septembre prochain. « ce week-end offrant le plus de possibilité pour reconduire l'évènement plus sereinement, indique les organisateurs. Même si le cœur n’est pas à la fête, la grande partie de notre métier est d’anticiper. Et dans ce contexte ce n’est pas chose aisée. Certes, nous ignorons encore quand cette crise sera derrière nous mais nous avons espoir car nous pensons qu’une fois dehors, la culture sera notre bouffée d’oxygène. » Mika, Archive... Pour les concerts annoncés Comme Mika, Archive ou Davy Sicard, l'équipe du festival met « tout en œuvre pour que la programmation soit reportée au maximum ». Concernant la billetterie, elle est mise dans un premier ainsi que les offres « Sakifly », qui permet aux métropolitains de combiner vol+billet à prix attractif, sont en pause. Pas t'inquiétude pour ceux qui avaient anticipé et déjà acheté leur billet, l'équipe précise : « vous pouvez soit les garder, les échanger ou les rembourser. Vous trouverez les modalités sur notre site sakifo.com ou par l'email que nous allons vous transmettre. Vous pourrez nous faire part de vos souhaits jusqu’au dimanche 31 mai inclus. » The Sakifo postponed Scheduled initially the weekend of 29 to 31 but next, the 17th edition of the Sakifo Musik Festival will be held on September 11, 12 and 13 with, the organizers hope the same programming. “It's difficult to speak at this moment, to speak about us when the priority is our health for all. These are the first words of the press release sent yesterday by the Sakifo festival team to announce the postponement of the Saint-Pierrois event. The 17th edition, which was to take place from May 29 to 31, will be held on September 11, 12 and 13. "This weekend offers the most opportunity to renew the event more serenely, says the organizers. Even if the heart is not at the party, the big part of our job is to anticipate. And in this context it is not easy. Admittedly, we still do not know when this crisis will be behind us but we are hopeful because we think that once outside, culture will be our breath of fresh air. " Mika, Archive ... For the concerts announced Like Mika, Archive or Davy Sicard, the festival team is doing everything "so that the programming is postponed as much as possible". Regarding ticketing, it is a first as well as "Sakifly" offers, which allow metropolitan residents to combine flight + ticket at attractive prices, are on break. Don't worry for those who had anticipated and already bought their ticket, the team specifies: “you can either keep them, exchange them or reimburse them. You will find the terms on our site sakifo.com or by the email that we will send you. You can let us know your wishes until Sunday, May 31, inclusive. "
  21. FACEBOOK [COMMUNIQUÉ – REPORT DU SAKIFO MUSIK FESTIVAL DÛ À LA CRISE SANITAIRE] Difficile de prendre la parole en ce moment, de parler de nous, alors que la priorité c’est notre santé à tous. D’abord, nous espérons qu’en nous lisant depuis votre kaz, vous et vos proches vous portez bien. Nous avons une pensée pour toutes les personnes touchées directement ou indirectement par cette maladie. Tout notre soutien et notre sollicitude vont vers l’ensemble des personnes qui actuellement luttent pour un avenir meilleur. Nous vivons une situation inédite et nous espérons que nous pourrons en sortir bientôt. Ainsi, bien conscients de la situation actuelle, nous savons que la conjoncture n’est pas propice à l’organisation du Sakifo prévu initialement fin mai. Attentifs aux prises de décision parfois difficiles de nos nombreux confrères de la Réunion et d’ailleurs, et vigilants concernant votre sécurité, nous préférons reporter la 17e édition. Le Sakifo Musik Festival aura donc lieu les 11, 12 et 13 septembre prochains, car ce week-end nous offre le plus de possibilités pour reconduire l’événement plus sereinement. Pourquoi cette décision, et pourquoi vous le dire maintenant ? Même si le cœur n’est pas à la fête, la grande partie de notre métier est d’anticiper. Et dans ce contexte ce n’est pas chose aisée ! Certes, nous ignorons encore quand cette crise sera derrière nous mais nous avons espoir car nous pensons qu’une fois dehors, la culture sera notre bouffée d’oxygène ! Convaincus qu’il nous reste beaucoup de beaux moments à partager, nous travaillons actuellement à la préparation d’une édition qui, on l’espère, répondra à vos attentes. Afin d’assurer ce bon déroulement, et préférant attendre des jours meilleurs, nous allons dans un premier temps mettre notre billetterie ainsi que les offres Sakifly en pause. Pour celles et ceux qui nous ont déjà fait confiance en achetant leurs billets, vous avez deux choix : - si vous souhaitez garder ou échanger vos billets achetés sur notre site, merci de nous envoyer un mail à jeviens@sakifo.com - si vous souhaitez vous faire rembourser, il sera possible de le faire en envoyant un email à : billetterie@sakifo.com avec votre billet et votre RIB. Pour les détenteurs d’un billet acheté sur MonTicket, merci de vous rapprocher d’eux directement à info@monticket.re Pour les détenteurs d’un pack Sakifly, merci de nous adresser un email à travel@sakifo.com. Vous pourrez nous faire part de vos souhaits dès aujourd’hui vendredi 27 mars et ce jusqu’au dimanche 31 mai inclus. À ce jour, nous pouvons vous dire que nous mettons tout en œuvre pour que la programmation soit reportée au maximum. Pour finir, nous souhaitons vous remercier pour votre soutien indéfectible ! En attendant de se revoir bientôt, nous vous invitons à suivre avec nous les belles initiatives qui naissent aux quatre coins du monde, afin que même depuis notre kaz nou gyin viv’ la musik ! Nora in avan & in apré ! Pran swin d’zot, rès zot kaz ! Nartrouvé vitman ! Lékip Sakifo [Press Release - REPORT OF THE SAKIFO MUSIK FESTIVAL TO HEALTH Crisis] Hard to speak right now, to talk about us, while priority is our health to all. First, we hope that by reading us from your kaz, you and your loved ones are doing well. We have a thought for all those affected directly or indirectly by this disease. All of our support and care goes towards all the people who are currently struggling for a better future. We are experiencing a new situation and we hope we can get out of it soon. So, well aware of the current situation, we know that the situation is not conducive to the organization of the Sakifo originally planned at the end of May. Attentive to the sometimes difficult decision-making of our many colleagues from the Reunion and elsewhere, and vigilant about your safety, we prefer to postpone the 17th edition. The Sakifo Music Festival will take place on September 11th, 12th and 13th, because this weekend offers us the most possibilities to renew the event more calmly. Why this decision, and why tell you now? Even if the heart is not at the party, the big part of our job is to anticipate. And in this context it's not easy! Of course, we still don't know when this crisis will be behind us but we hope because we think that once out, culture will be our breath of oxygen! Convinced that we have a lot of beautiful moments left to share, we are currently working on preparing an edition that we hope will meet your expectations. In order to ensure this smooth run, and prefer to wait for better days, we will first put our ticket office as well as the Sakifly offers on break. For those who have already trusted us by buying their tickets, you have two choices: - if you want to keep or exchange your tickets purchased on our website, please send us an email at jeviens@sakifo.com - if you want to get paid back, it will be possible to do so by sending an email to: billetterie@sakifo.com with your ticket and bank. For ticket holders purchased on MonTicket, please get closer to them directly at info@monticket.re For holders of a Sakifly pack, please send us an email at travel@sakifo.com. You will be able to share your wishes today Friday, March 27th until Sunday 31th of May included. To date, we can tell you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that the programming is postponed to the fullest. Finally, we would like to thank you for your unwavering support! While waiting to see each other again soon, we invite you to follow with us the beautiful initiatives that are born around the world, so that even since our kaz new gyin viv ' la music! Nora in good & in apré! Thank you very much! Nartrouvé vitman! Good morning