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  1. Don't suppose anyone managed to rip the livestream of this... I would have done but I couldn't find a way to get around geographic blocks
  2. I've still got a massive balloon in my room. Still firm, no sign of shrinkage yet
  3. "Don't look so miserable, stupid boy. You're supposed to be me! They're all gonna think I'm suicidal with that face (if you stay... boy falls...) You'll have to excuse my boy, he wants to kill himself tonight. Puppets shouldn't drink vodka stupid arse... I'm 26 years old, I'm on stage in a city I've never performed in, and I'm talking to a ****ing doll.." OH it was so amazing... I've got a massive balloon and shedloads of golden confetti. My sister has drawn a face on the balloon I want to go and see him again... should I go to Birmingham next week...? hmm I have a half day, but I will be exhausted because I'll have 2 full days at work following it. I've only just recovered. I was jumping and dancing so much Which song did he get us to close our eyes and jump on the count of 3? was it WAG??? that was fun Jealous of you guys who met him. unfortunately I had a train to catch. i think next time I see him I'll hostel it so I can stay outside and wait
  4. If you can get a doctors note on that you can show it to the showsec people and they should let you in first to ensure you get a safe space... they did this to a friend of mine who was on crutches... of course a bad back is less obvious so you'd probably need a note.
  5. Oh thats no good for me cause I'm picking up my ticket at the box office and you can only collect when doors open
  6. What time did it finish... I'm guessing it wasn't after 11 cause most places charge artists for every minute performing after 11. I just really don't want to have to leave for the train before the end
  7. Really looking forward to this. I'll be there with my cousin queueing at the box office (gigantic tix ) and we'll be covered in glitter probably. I have chestnut-brownish-reddish shoulder length hair and she has LONG blonde hair... come talk to us if you're queing at BO
  8. ^^ I know just throwing out the idea The venue is small... its lovely... He may not be that pupular in sheffield, but I people will be travelling from over yorkshire and the east midlands too... so quite a big area. for people in the east midlands its between Sheff, and brum and maybe manchester for the closest venue
  9. What do people think about meeting at the train station(about 5 mins away) early on in the day and doing queue shifts in pairs say... so people can walk around, get hot drinks and food and trips to the loo etc...
  10. I used gigantic to buy Placebo tickets in May... Sheffield O2 academy. They're legit and good... theres also the option (option or default.. I forget) to collect at the venue box office on the day... thereby bypassing postage costs which I did. Separate queue and for the placebo gig we were let in first:P that was jus sheff tho
  11. I'm gonna wait and see if Gigantic are selling them (you miss out on postage that way at least as you have to pick up tickets from the box office) I'm also waiting to see if my aunt will let my cousin come with me
  12. SHEFFIELD... And maybe Birmingham!!! Squee!!!
  13. I love this song its one of my favourites... it reminds me so much of a counsellor that I happened to fall for.... I could tell her everything exeps how I felt for her....