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  1. I only arrived around 5:15 PM because I had to work before. In fact I went there with the thought that probably I would not be one of the 100 lucky ones, but at least I would try. When I saw the queue I was rather sure it wouldn't work out, but I gave it a try. I didn't know that there were VIP's who were let in first, I only thought that there was hardly any movement. As I was quite at the end of the queue I could't really see people entering and coming out, but as we didn't move forward for half an hour, I got more and more sure that I would never get in. At a certain moment everything went quicker and I hoped I would get a chance, but then I saw that his car was back and then I knew he would have to leave. He signed some boxes outside, but when I was as close as I could get he stepped into the car and left. I don't regret that I've been there. I have seen him from far with his friendly smile ... and I have the Swatch ... maybe I will get a signature later. I hope that everyone who has queued already in the morning got in ... and I was very happy for that young girl next to me that she has got her autograph.
  2. Well, like I said, maybe it was just in my mind. I'm glad most people enjoyed it ... and probably I will love the next gig again
  3. Well, I have been to Lille as well and there I liked it much more. Indeed, his voice is changing, but that's not the point, I like this. Yesterday I had the impression that he playbacked certain parts and that it was not well done ... I can't describe. I also felt much less energy yesterday than I did sunday in Lille where he was joking a lot and where everything was more interactive and fun. But it can be just my feeling. When singing Underwater without "ears" his voice was great, he sang really good ... no doubt about is talent at all! But in my eyes the "global performance" of yesterday was much weaker than it usually is ... but that's just a personal opinion.
  4. Since the first Mika show I ever saw, 6 years ago in Brussels with Jim Mobile, I am a loyal and huge fan. Within the last 6 years I have visitied +/- 20 gigs and what I really love about it is the energy he spreads every time. So I ordered my tickets for the show in Forest National via de presales link of MFC. To collect my tickets I had to be at the box office as from 7 PM ... which I find a bit strange: I pre-order tickets and can only collect them last minute ... while people who bought their tickets via Sherpa can simply print them and queue when they want to. Well, however ... First the good things: I really love the stage decoration, all the playfull elements (good job, Joost Smits! ;-) ) There was a very good mix of older songs and new songs ... although I don't like all of his new songs. He played my favorite of the new CD: Good Guys ... as well as my all time favorite: Happy Ending. I don't remember the entire setlist. During Underwater his "ears" didn't work anymore, so he sang without ... and that was really great! However, I found his musical performance much weaker than usually ... and I felt less energy than I usually feel. All comments I read so far are very positive, so maybe I am the only one who felt that ... What I really loved was the end: He told about a guy, Joost Smits, who helped him to design the stage decoration "while driniking several bottles of wine in his kitchen in London" ... the only thing that guy asked was to play an instrument on a stage, so he gave him his five minutes of fame ... so that guy came on stage and performed Lollipop with him ... I absolutely loved that! After the show, when leaving the venue, I saw a black-haired woman with a white dress and a photo camera on the stairs to the inner circle ... I thought it was his mom. Did anyone else see her there?
  5. Merci pour le rapport. Does anybody know if he came anywhere for a Meet & Greet? We have been waiting at the exit where the stage trucks came out ... there were around 20 other people, but we didn't see Mika nor anyone else coming out there.
  6. I guessed something like 5500 and some of my friends entered answers between 3000 and 5000, none of us won. I guess there could have been some 20000 to 30000, as I think that many fans have asked friends to participate to increase their chances. Anyway, I and all my friends received a mail that we didn't win.
  7. As nobody PM'ed I will get dressed and go myself ... would bee too pitty to throw away the ticket ... a bit too last minute I guess
  8. Festival de Ronquières tonight
  9. For the first time in my life not in the mood for a Mika gig ... anyone interested in buying my ticket? I paid it 32,50 Euro and have also a free parking ticket available for the ING parking space. PM me if interested ...
  10. Ahh, don't you worry :)

    You're welcome :)

  11. No problem, you're welcome ;)

  12. I only see your nice birthday wishes now, half a year later. Sorry. Thanks a lot, really nice!

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