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  1. mysti

    I'm back

    Hello everyone. I haven't been on these forums for years but decided it was about time I resurrected my account. Luckily it didn't take me too long to remember my username & password! My name is Molly & if any of you were aware of the Molly Meet Mika Twitter campaign a few years ago, I'm that Molly. Unfortunately the campaign didn't enable to meet Mika but he did write to me I'm still a big fan & hoping I'll be well enough to attend the next concert he plays in London. I've had various health problems all my life but Mika & his music have helped me through. The Twitter campaign came about when I was really poorly. Luckily my health is more stable now but I'm still far from well so I'm looking forward to chatting to some fellow Mika fans when I'm up to it. Apologies for my rambling! Thanks for reading.
  2. I have 2 spare standing tickets for 28th Feb at Hammersmith Apollo. Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks, mysti
  3. I still have 2 spare standing tickets available for Hammersmith Apollo, London on Feb 28th. PM me if you're interested. mysti
  4. I've got 3 spare standing tickets for the concert at Hammersmith Apollo in London on Feb 28th. PM me if you're interested. They've just been dispatched out to me so if anyone is interested I'll be able to either post them to you before the concert or I can meet you there and give them to you then. mysti
  5. Blue Eyes because it's upbeat and catchy and was amazing live at Saddlers Wells mysti
  6. I love Tim Burton's films - I think my favourite is Sweeney Todd, followed by Edward Scissorhands. I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland, it sounds like it'll be fantastic. You can find out more about it here. mysti
  7. Thanks Freddy. They don't seem to have their products on the website, so I'll check out my local shop ASAP and keep an eye out on the Internet. mysti
  8. I've just spotted this thread, thanks for all the pictures mysti
  9. Thanks everyone for your help. I love some of the photos you've posted Do the card factory have a website Freddy? I know there's a shop in my local town, but it's only a small one, so I'm not sure if they'd have a Mika calendar. I can ask. mysti
  10. Welcome to the MFC!! :huglove:

  11. Not sure about the order, but my current top 5 songs from TBWKTM are: ~ Good Gone Girl ~ Doctor John ~ Blame it on the Girls ~ Blue Eyes ~ We Are Golden mysti
  12. I love my current Mika calendar and wondered if anyone knew if a 2010 Mika calendar is available and if so where I can get one from. Thanks, mysti
  13. Thanks everyone for the lovely welcomes mysti (currently listening to TBWKTM and have just been rewatching BIOTG video and Mika's performances on Jools Holland)